Is Renfield on Amazon?

Universal Pictures film, Renfield starring Nicolas Cage, in theaters April 14
Universal Pictures film, Renfield starring Nicolas Cage, in theaters April 14 /

Renfield is the latest horror comedy to check out in theaters. Where can you stream it online? Will Renfield come to Prime Video?

When it comes to Dracula tales, they tend to have been a little overdone. Well, that is until you turn to the latest horror comedy with Nicolas Cage in this iconic role. You see, this movie isn’t about the Count.

It’s about his aide instead. Nicholas Hoult plays Renfield, the man who makes sure Dracula has everything he could possibly need. When our titular character learns that there could be more to life, he decides that it’s time to seek that life. The problem is, his unalive master doesn’t want that to happen.

You’ll want to head to theaters to watch the movie, of course. Then you’ll want to check it out at home. You just need to know which streaming platform it will go to first.

Is Renfield on Prime Video?

The horror comedy will not head to Prime Video for free with your Prime membership. At least, that’s not going to happen right away.

This is a Universal Pictures movie. They head to Peacock after 45 days in theaters (in most cases). They spend some time on that streaming platform and then they eventually come to Prime Video. There hasn’t been a pattern to the releases on the second streaming platform just yet.

Is Renfield on Amazon Video?

There is another way to watch on Amazon. You can buy or rent movies on Digital, which is via Amazon Instant Video. This is when the movies are added to your Amazon Library for as long as you have your Amazon account. If you buy the movie, you pay once and watch it as often as you like. There’s no need for a streaming subscription.

This movie is going to head to Digital. This is usually around the same time it heads to Peacock or just a little bit after, so the wait shouldn’t be too long.

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Renfield is currently out in theaters.