Everything streaming on Prime Video this week: The Power and more

The Power -- Courtesy of Prime Video
The Power -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

The Power is just one of the new releases on Prime Video this week. Take a look at everything you can watch starting Monday, March 27.

The last week of March brings some great new releases. One of those is a new Amazon Original Series. It’s all about The Power at the end of the week, which stars Toni Collette.

The series follows a group of women who can suddenly control electricity through their hands. Of course, some women decide to use it for good, while others decide it’s time to take control of the world. Then there are those who fear these women, especially as they realize that it’s something in all women’s genetics.

American Renegades, Siberia, and more

Toward the start of the week, you’ll want to turn your attention to the 2017 movie American Renegages. It was also known as Renegades outside of the U.S. It follows a group of Navy SEALs who find out there’s some underwater treasure in a Bosnian Lake. Of course, they end up on an assignment to get the treasure before others do.

Toward the end of the week, the thriller Siberia is available to watch. This movie stars Keanu Reeves as an American diamond merchant who ends up caught in the crossfire of a business deal gone wrong with his lover while they are in Russia.

If you’re in the mood for another TV series, both seasons of Boss are available. Kelsey Grammer stars as Mayor Tom Kane, who happens to be the most powerful man in Chicago. His constituents tend to look the other way because he can get the job done, but how long is that going to last? What happens when people stop looking the other way as his secrets come out?

Everything streaming on Prime Video this week

March 28


Big Trip 2: Special Delivery (2022)

March 29


American Renegades (2018)
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017)

March 31


*The Power (2023)
Boss S1-2 (2011)


But I’m a Cheerleader (2000)
Enemies Closer (2014)
Siberia (2021)
Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor (2013)
Zeros and Ones (2021)

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