Is Swarm renewed for Season 2? (Is Swarm canceled?)

Swarm -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Swarm -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

As soon as Swarm dropped on Prime Video, it became a show everyone talked about. Of course, fans want to see a second season of the series.

There is no doubt that you’ll want to see more of Dominique Fishback once you see her in Swarm. She is the perfect Dre for the series, bringing us the multiple personalities and styles. Just look at when Dre became Toni and completely changed the way she acted around people.

Now everyone who watched it would love to see a second season. Well, almost everyone. The big question is whether Amazon will renew the series for Season 2.

Swarm Season 2 is not happening at Prime Video

There is some bad news. A second season isn’t going to happen, but this isn’t Amazon’s choice. The series was billed as a limited series, and it does have a clear beginning, middle, and end.

The penultimate episode made it clear why this series isn’t being renewed. There’s a detective still looking out for Dre in the series, and it appears that the show was supposed to be a dramatized version of the crime story. Dre is still out there, with multiple cases potentially linked to her. We’re ending where the “true crime” part of the story ended: knowing the last people saw of Dre as Toni.

Janine Nabers, one of the co-creators of the series, shared with LA Times that it was a one-and-done series. It was written that way, and there isn’t going to be more to the story.

It’s worth noting that Donald Glover, the other co-creator, has signed a multi-year deal with Amazon. There will be more from him and we could see more with Fishback in the lead. It just won’t be a continuation of this story by the sounds of things.

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Swarm is available to stream on Prime Video.