Is Swarm based on a true story?

Swarm -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Swarm -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Swarm certainly took us on a wild ride, focusing on just how far an obsession for a celebrity can go. Is this a series based on a true story?

At first, Swarm looks like it’s just a crazy story of one obsessed fan. It’s a story of how far things can go when someone is obsessed with a celebrity, and while there are certainly elements that feel real, the story itself was just a drama.

Then we get to the penultimate episode of the season. We have this “true crime” style documentary that takes one detective on a mission to find Dre. At the end of that episode, we learn that Dre is still on the run. Things certainly felt very real. Is is possible that this is a true story?

Swarm is not based on a true story

It was just part of the storytelling. Swarm is not based on a true story. At least, not the main part of the story. Dominique Fishback’s Dre is a completely fictional character. Ni’jah is a fictional celebrity. The characters who ended up dead—and there was a crazy amount of them—were all fictional.

However, there are some true elements to the story. One of those is how obsessed fans can get. They become a danger to themselves and the people around them.

There are elements of the story that also come from true events. Ni’Jah is clearly based on Beyonce, with the album “Festival” as a node to “Lemonade.” There was a mention of Ni’Jah’s husband being unfaithful, and there are many comments about Ni’Jah’s sister.

We also can’t forget Dre biting Ni’Jah after becoming overwhelmed meeting her. Tiffany Haddish once told a story of a fan biting Beyonce.

There are some connections to real murders. However, there is no saying that these murders in real life were all connected. They were just events that happened with the TV series taking its own twist on the events.

The connections to reality are all to help with the social commentary. It shows just how obsessed people can become, and how they become a danger to everyone. But Dre is not a real person.

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Swarm is available to stream on Prime Video.