Will there be a new episode of Carnival Row this week? (March 24)

Carnival Row -- Courtesy of Julie Vrabelova/Prime Video
Carnival Row -- Courtesy of Julie Vrabelova/Prime Video /

We’ve spent the last five weeks following the various characters of Carnival Row. Will there be another episode this Friday, March 24 on Prime Video?

There is no doubt that we would love to see more of the brilliance that is Carnival RowWhat we also know is that Season 2 is the last. Yes, really. The series was billed as the final season as soon as we got a premiere date.

Does that mean there’s nothing left to the story? There are some episodes left, right?

Is Carnival Row airing on Friday, March 24?

There is a lot of bad news to come. There are no new episodes of Carnival Row this week. Friday, March 17 saw the final two episodes of the series drop, and that’s why so much happened.

We’re not here to spoil the things that went down. After all, with so much dropping on March 17, you may not have had the time to watch the episodes just yet. What we will say is that the ending was as epic as you’d expect, and it did wrap up the storylines. It felt like it worked as a series finale.

So, that’s it. There isn’t going to be a third season. This wasn’t just an Amazon decision, although it mostly was. With the cost of the series and the long delays due to the pandemic, it was clear that the series needed to wrap up its story. This couldn’t be a show abruptly canceled like so many others. So, the series went through some extensive rewrites to make sure that there was an ending to tell. Now the extra delays make a lot more sense.

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What did you think of the series finale? Would you have preferred more to the story? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Carnival Row is available to stream in full on Prime Video.