Does Vignette die in Carnival Row Season 2? (Spoilers)

Carnival Row -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Carnival Row -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

The Carnival Row Season 2 finale is finally here. How does the story for The Row end? Does Vignette sacrifice her life for the fae?

Caution: This post contains major spoilers for the Carnival Row Season 2 finale.

We knew that revolution could mean death. It’s something that Vignette knows, and she has been willing to sacrifice herself for a number of people throughout this season. Would she put her life on the line in the series finale?

Once Vignette learned that the Sparas wouldn’t come (which would mean Tourmaline was safe), she decided to lure the humans into a specific part of The Row. The humans wanted her dead, so it made the most sense. Would it lead to her death, though?

What happened to Vignette in the Carnival Row series finale?

When Vignette saw the Sparas, she knew she had to get to Tourmaline. Kane wanted Vignette to choose the Raven and the people of the Row, and a fight between them broke out. As a human was about to shoot Vignette, Kane turned them around to take the bullet.

He died, but Leonora saw it all. She aimed her gun at Vignette to kill her, but Vignette got away to save Tourmaline from the Sparas.

It took Vignette and Philo working together to kill the Sparas and save Tourmaline’s life. That would allow Vignette to admit that she would always love Tourmaline. As much as she loved Philo, it was always Tourmaline she was drawn to.

Philo understood. That’s how he feels for Vignette.

The very end sees Vignette and Tourmaline going through what looks to be a Pix version of a handfasting ceremony. They are somewhere peaceful, and maybe we can believe that they get to live happily ever after together, well away from The Burgue.

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