Did Leonora die in Carnival Row Season 2? (Spoilers)

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Carnival Row -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

It was clear from the start that Leonora was a huge threat in Carnival Row Season 2. Would she live or die in the series finale?

Caution: This post contains major spoilers for the Carnival Row series finale.

Throughout Carnival Row Season 2, we got to see how a revolution could work out. Leonora led that revolution against The Pact, creating a communist regime with New Dawn. She wanted to spread that regime out to The Burgue, and used Imogen to do that in the final two episodes of the series.

With Leonora as one of the big antagonists of the series, would we see her come to a permanent end? Would Leonora be able to escape to continue her revolution elsewhere?

What happened to Leonora in the Carnival Row series finale?

During the final episode, Leonora created a plan to get rid of the humans. She wanted them to come into The Row. Then she could lead them to a part of The Row to kill them all. Vignette and Kane helped to lure everyone to a specific point in The Row.

When the Sparas turned up—Leonora said he wouldn’t—Vignette knew she needed to save Tourmaline. A fight broke out between Vignette and Kane, and as Kane was killed stepping in front of a bullet for Vignette, Leonora tried to kill Vignette.

In the end, Vignette got away and was part of the end for the Sparas. Philo brought the body of the Sparas out, bringing an end to the fight between humans and fae. Leonora made it clear that while this battle had been lost, the war was still to be won. She is a woman in it for the long game.

She wouldn’t get a chance to see it through, though. Agreus stopped her, and initially threatened to kill her. In the end, he decided to turn her in to the authorities. Leonora wasn’t going to let that happen, so she killed herself and made it clear the seeds of revolution had been planted. Her job was done.

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