Is Boston Strangler on Amazon?

Boston Strangler - Courtesy Hulu
Boston Strangler - Courtesy Hulu /

There’s a new movie about the Boston Strangler available to stream. Keira Knightley stars in the movie, but where can you watch it online?

We’ve all heard of the Boston Strangler. Did you know it was because of two women that the cases were finally connected to see just how prolific this killer was? That’s something the latest movie about the case looks at.

This isn’t about the serial killer, but about the hunt for the serial killer. Knightley plays Loretta McLaughlin, who managed to see how the cases connected. She and her colleague Jean Cole worked together to bring the case to the people despite the sexism against them in the 1960s.

Is Boston Strangler on Prime Video

There is some bad news when it comes to the new movie. This is not a release that will come to Prime Video. We’re likely not to see it on Prime Video at all.

It is a Hulu Original Movie. That’s the only streaming platform you can go to watch it. Something big needs to happen to Hulu, which is owned by Disney, for there to even be a consideration for Hulu and Amazon to share content.

Is Boston Strangler on Amazon Video?

What about the other way to watch on Amazon? There is always Amazon Instant Video, where we can buy or rent movies to watch whenever we want. There is some more bad news about this release.

It’s highly unlikely that the movie will head to Digital at any point. With it being a Hulu Original Movie, Hulu will want to keep the movie exclusive to its platform. Making it available elsewhere just encourages people to head elsewhere to watch it, and that takes subscribers away. With so many subscription services, Hulu, Amazon, and more need to keep their content as exclusive to their platforms as they can.

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Boston Strangler is only available to stream on Hulu.