What is Angel Flight on Prime Video about?

Angel Flight -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Angel Flight -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Angel Flight is one of the many Amazon shows coming this week. What is this Japanese drama going to be about, and should you watch it?

You won’t be struggling for something to watch this week on Prime Video. Once you catch the Carnival Row series finale, you’ll be able to turn your attention to a bunch of new shows. Angel Flight is one of them.

The new series is a Japanese drama that is perfect for fans of Six Feet Under and Touched By an Angel. This series is heartfelt as it touches on grief and the dead.

Angel Flight synopsis

What is the new series about? It follows a company that provides flights to a very specific clientele: those who have lost their lives. It doesn’t matter what happened in life. This company ensures that people who have died make it back to their home country.

We follow the head of the company, single mother Nami Izawa and her chairman Kashiwagi. Kashiwagi doesn’t look like a guy you want to cross, but he’s actually got the best of the dead and their families at heart. Then there are the employees who help to keep the business running.

This drama is more than just about getting people back home. It looks at the stories of love between the deceased and those they leave behind.

Take a look at the official synopsis for Angel Flight from Amazon:

"Angel Flight is about specialists who transport the deceased to their homeland. The company Angel Hearse is run by the talented single mother president Nami Izawa (Ryoko Yonekura), themean-looking chairman Kashiwagi (Kenichi Endo), and an eccentric bunch of employees. A touching drama that portrays stories of love between the deceased and the bereaved."

This isn’t a series that has been heavily promoted by the streaming platform, likely because it is an international series. However, we know that Japan brings some of the best content, and we’re ready to see this new series. Make sure you tune in as soon as you can to show that this is more of what we want to see.

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Angel Flight is streaming on Prime Video on Friday, March 17.