What time is Swarm on Prime Video?

Swarm -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Swarm -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Swarm is one of the new shows arriving on Prime Video this week. What time can you stream all episodes of the new series?

There is a big reason why I don’t like calling myself a “fan” of something. The term is short for “fanatic,” and I’m not a fanatical person. I also don’t like the term “stan” because it comes from the Eminem song Stan, which shows just how far the love of an artist can go.

We’ve seen a lot of the horrors of fans in real life. Artists have been hounded and even killed. There are some who will even stalk celebrities, leading to a lot of problems for privacy and safety. All of that is something Swarm will look into.

The series stars Dominique Fishback who is a huge fan of an R&B star. She will do anything to follow this artist, and we get to see just how far she means by “anything.”

Swarm release time on Prime Video

The new series is dropping on Prime Video at the end of the week. You’ll be able to stream it on Friday, March 17. As this is a global release, the episodes will drop at midnight UK time.

This is great news for those in North America. Thanks to time zones, we get it a little earlier. The clocks haven’t gone forward in the UK just yet, so that will slightly affect the release time.

Look out for the episodes at around 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on Thursday, March 16. There isn’t any guarantee Amazon will drop the episodes early, but we see it happen a lot more often than it doesn’t. If it’s not available at 8 p.m. ET, look out for it by midnight local on Friday, March 17.

There is a lot dropping this weekend. What are you going to stream first?

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Swarm is on Prime Video on Friday, March 17.