What time is Class of ’07 on Prime Video?

Class of '07 -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Class of '07 -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

There are a few new Amazon shows arriving this week. Class of ’07 is one of them. What time can you stream it on Prime Video?

We all know high school reunions are hell. What if a natural disaster happened at the same time of it? That’s something a group of women need to deal with when it comes to their 10-year high school reunion.

A tidal wave cuts them off from the rest of the world. Suddenly, they need to figure out how to survive with limited food and water until help comes. That is if help will come. Oh, and they need to survive each other!

This is not a series you’ll want to miss out on. What time can you stream the episodes?

Class of ’07 release time on Prime Video

The new series will arrive on Friday, March 17. This is a global original, which is great news for those in North America. It means the release time follows the likes of The BoysThe Wheel of Time, and Carnival Row.

We’ll get the episodes at midnight UK time. The clocks haven’t gone forward in the UK just yet, which means there’s only a four-hour time difference with the East Coast. That affects the time we’re likely to get the show here.

Look out for the episodes at around 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on Thursday, March 16. There is no guarantee that this early release is going to happen, but it does seem to be the norm. If it doesn’t arrive early, it will be on by midnight local on Friday, March 17. It would be nice to be able to start the series before going out for St. Paddy’s Day celebrations.

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Class of ’07 is coming to Prime Video on Friday, March 17.