What is the creature in Carnival Row Season 2?

Carnival Row -- Courtesy of Julie Vrabelova/Prime Video
Carnival Row -- Courtesy of Julie Vrabelova/Prime Video /

Carnival Row Season 2 introduced a bigger and badder creature than the first season. We now know what the human and fae are facing.

Caution: There are some spoilers for Carnival Row Season 2, Episode 6 in this post.

The first episode of Carnival Row Season 2 made it clear that there was another big monster for the human and fae to watch out for. At first, the creature killed a human. Then it killed a couple of Pix. After that, it attacked a bunch of humans at the prison while freeing Vignette.

Philo and Kane got a good look at the creature as it flew away. It turns out that Philo has seen this creature before, and it wasn’t long before we found out what it is.

This creature wants revenge in Carnival Row Season 2

The creature is called a Sparas. Philo came across one when he fought in the war, and this creature can shapeshift into all sorts of forms. Philo notes later that it would be anyone.

When Philo comes across the creature, it kills all the humans in the war. It sniffs Philo and notes that he’s not human. It can smell the Pix in him, which allows him to go free.

Philo wants to use the Sparas to take out The Pact while they retreat. Instead, the humans want to get rid of this creature assumed to be extinct up to this point. It’s not surprising to see Philo against the idea but go through with the orders to bomb the valley where the creatures live. Philo watches them burn, assuming that they are all gone.

That’s certainly not the case, and now the Sparas is out for revenge. This Sparas is smart, too. Rather than attack and make itself known immediately, it’s made humans blame fae and fae blame humans for the attacks.

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What do you think of this new creature? Can human and fae work together to save The Burgue? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Carnival Row airs Fridays on Prime Video.