How many episodes are in Daisy Jones and the Six?

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Daisy Jones and the Six is not coming as a binge-watch. It is getting a hybrid release, and you’ll want to know the episode count to know the finale date.

Despite being optioned and work starting on it back in 2019, we’re only just getting Daisy Jones and the Six this month. The pandemic played a huge part in that. At least it’s not a show that was scrapped because of the costs and the pandemic delays.

It’s certainly worth the wait. The bad news for those who are ready to binge-watch it is that it’s coming out as a hybrid release. We’re getting blocks of episode throughout the month of March, and that means you’ll want to know just how many episodes there are in the series. It will tell you when the finale date is.

Daisy Jones and the Six episode count

There are 10 episodes to tell the story.

This is a miniseries, which means all 10 episodes adapt the novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid. There won’t be major cliffhangers at the end, as there is no aim to bring it back for another season. Could there be a story there? Maybe, but Reid hasn’t written it and there is no talk of expanding it. This isn’t another Big Little Lies.

The episodes will be released in blocks. Three episodes drop on March 3 and then March 10. After that, two episodes will drop on March 17 and March 24. March 24 is the last day for the episodes, so you can binge-watch it from then on.

The story is certainly worth the wait. Riley Keough and Sam Claflin bring Daisy and Billy to life. There is some excellent music involved, with much of it written specifically for the series. There is going to be a soundtrack with all the songs recorded by the actors who form the band in the series.

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Daisy Jones and the Six will air Fridays in blocks on Prime Video.