When is Cocaine Bear coming to DVD and Blu-ray?

Cocaine Bear - Courtesy Universal
Cocaine Bear - Courtesy Universal /

Cocaine Bear is the latest out-of-there movies to hit theaters, and you’ll want to add it to your DVD collection. When is the DVD release date?

Every now and then, we get a completely crazy idea of a movie. Cocaine Bear is the release for 2023, and of course, Elizabeth Banks is behind it as director and producer. We shouldn’t be surprised that she is bringing us this hilarious movie.

We follow a 500lb bear that accidentally takes a lot of cocaine and ends up on a drug-fuelled rampage. Bears are scary enough without being on a load of illegal drugs. This is sure to create absolute chaos for everything and everyone that comes into its tracks. Is there a way to take it down and save it, as well as the people around it?

Cocaine Bear DVD release date predictions

The movie is going to head to DVD and Blu-ray in the future, but the question is when. With it just coming out in theaters, there isn’t a DVD release date just yet. We’ll probably get the official release date sometime next month, but we can look at other movies from the same production studio to get an idea of what to expect.

This is a Universal Pictures movie, so we’re looking at M3GAN and Halloween Ends to get an idea of the DVD release date. The two movies have taken about two and a half months between theater and DVD, so we’re looking at something similar for this upcoming release. M3GAN is another 2023 movie, so it’s one to follow closely for the prediction.

We could be looking at around Tuesday, May 16 as a potential release date for Cocaine Bear on DVD and Blu-ray.

What about on Digital? That is likely to arrive sooner. It will arrive on Digital to rent pretty soon, but to buy, we’re looking at around a month to a month and a half, which could mean as early as the end of March.

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Cocaine Bear is out in theaters now.