What is The Consultant on Prime Video about?

The Consultant -- Courtesy of Prime Video
The Consultant -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

The Consultant is a new series coming to Prime Video at the end of the week. What is the new Amazon series going to be about?

There’s a new thrilling comedy series coming to Prime Video. It’s all about Christoph Waltz’s The Consultant.

This is a series for fans of the likes of The Purge and Most Deadliest Game. Waltz plays Regus Patoff, a new third-party consultant brought in to help figure out how to boost the sales of a popular tech company.

Before you turn on the show, you’ll want to learn more about what it’s about. You’ll need to know if this is going to be a series for you or not.

The Consultant synopsis: What is the new Amazon series about?

The Consultant follows the employees at a tech company. It is a successful company all the way up to the death of the CEO. For some reason, the CEO kills himself, but not before he hired a third-party consultant to help with the success of his company. This move starts to become suspicious as the story plays out.

Patoff has a curious way to deal with the growth of the company. Part of that is to recall everyone working virtually. They have an hour to get into the office or they’re fired.

As for the rest of them, well, he wants to push them to their limits. How much are they willing to put on the line for their jobs? How about their lives? This is something he puts to the test. Now it’s up to the employees to figure out how to get rid of this sociopath.

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The Consultant is coming to Prime Video on Friday, Feb. 24.