Carnival Row Season 2 recap guide: All 10 episodes explained

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Carnival Row Season 2
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Carnival Row Season 2, Episode 2

The second episode gives us a look at what’s going on in The Pact. We also get to see the revolution start in The Burgue.

Philo needs to bring up the truth about Jonah

During the first episode, there were a few truths about who Philo’s father is and who Jonah actually is. Philo decides there is one best time to bring it all up. All the dignitaries are going to be in town, so he needs to get out of The Row to deliver the news. Naturally, Vignette isn’t happy, but does she really have another choice?

Vignette needs to keep her people safe

Vignette wants to get ot the bottom of who killed the copper. She made sure to save him and left him alive. Is it possible that Dalia did it to pin it on Vignette?

Vignette makes it clear that a few of them are willing to lay down their lives to bring freedom to The Row. They want to go in and hit the humans hard, but she needs Dalia’s blessing. Dalia agrees, but she will be the one to lead the raid. Vignette tries to prevent Dalia from leading the raid, but Dalia won’t allow that to happen. It’s clear Dalia is worried about Vignette taking over the Black Ravens.

Dalia and the Black Ravens fly in before Philo gets a chance to say anything at the dinner party. They show off Unna’s illness, only to end up having Unna shot and them having to fly off. Has it done enough to make people turn against Jonah? Probably not considering people are on Ezra’s side now that he’s claimed Agreus kidnapped Imogen.

Imogen and Agreus follow the blimp

The blimp from the first episode is from The Pact. Fans will remember that The Pact was the reason the fae left their homeland in the first season. The Burgue and The Pact were at war with each other. Naturally, Imogen is worried about what will happen to her considering she is from The Burgue.

Agreus’s ship takes them to the Port of Ragusa. It’s clear that The Pact’s home is in some trouble. The port is in ruins, and Agreus’s may just live to eat his words about how beautiful the city is. The Pact takes items from Agreus’s ship as a “fair distribution,” and then Imogen and Agreus are separated. And all that happens in just the opening moments!

Imogen gets a shock as she walks through The Pact. It looks like humans and fae live in harmony together, and this certainly isn’t The Pact she learned about in school. There has been a revolution, bringing a very different country and maybe some hope for The Burgue.

That’s fine, except that Agreus is arrested and put in front of a wall to be executed without trial as a traitor. All those who sailed with him are executed, but The Pact stops at Agreus.

One thing is clear when Agreus and Imogen are able to reunite. He knows Leonora, the servant who had told Imogen everything about New Dawn. This is something that likely saved him from being executed.

The Pact is entering a new war?

The Pact has been buying Burguish weapons. It turns out that the New Dawn is potentially causing problems, and The Pact is trying to bring them down. New Dawn is viewed as a threat to the “natural order” of things. Millworthy is able to use his position to get some information, but what is he going to use the information for?

Will The Burgue join The Pact? Sophie suggests they do. Nobody will call for the ousting of Jonah as the Chancellor if they’re at war. Sophie also sees it as a chance to retake land. Arm The Pact and New Dawn at the same time and The Burgue can become an Empire again, something Jonah’s father wanted.

Sophie is hiding a secret of her own. She’s hiding her own faun servant.

Tourmaline’s latest vision

Tourmaline continues to have visions, and she disembowels more cats while she does it. In fact, she’s back in the Haruspex’s former home where there are a few animals waiting. The vision is important.

Someone has shot down Vignette. Daria says that Vignette was a fool, but then whoever Tourmaline is seeing through attacks.

Tourmaline decides to figure out what’s going on. She gained the Haruspex’s powers when the Haruspex died in front of Tourmaline.

The episode does end with a death, but not Vignette’s. Dalia and another pix are killed by the humans, their heads placed on spikes at the gates of The Row.