DVD releases happening this week: American Gigolo and more

Jon Bernthal as Julian Kaye in AMERICAN GIGOLO. Photo Credit: Warrick Page/SHOWTIME.
Jon Bernthal as Julian Kaye in AMERICAN GIGOLO. Photo Credit: Warrick Page/SHOWTIME. /

It’s another semi-quiet week when it comes to DVD releases. Here’s a look at everything you can buy this week on DVD and Blu-ray.

There are some bigger releases to come later in the month. We also have a lot of exciting movies coming to DVD in March. This week is just on the quieter side than the rest of it.

That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to buy, though. It really will depend on your interests. If you’re in the mood for Christmas all year round, there’s some great news.

American Gigolo, The Fabelmans, and more

We do have to start with the release of American Gigolo Season 1. Jon Bernthal stars as Julian Kaye, who has gone from gigolo to prison inmate over the course of the last 15 years. It’s a transition he doesn’t want to remember.

It turns out that he’s locked up for a murder he knows he didn’t commit. Now the question is who framed him and why? Can he prove his innocence from the inside?

For those in the mood for a drama, The Fabelmans is the place to turn. This Steven Spielberg movie stars Gabriel LaBelle, Michelle Williams, Paul Dano, and Seth Rogan. It follows a man in Arizona after World War II. He’s completely transfixed by film and focuses on viewing life through all these different angles.

That leads to him finding out a dark family secret. It threatens everything he knows, and now he needs to figure out how to forget everything.

If you are in the mood for Christmas, get ready for Christmas with the Campbells. Brittany Snow, Justin Long, and Alex Moffat star in this rom-com.

Jess thinks she and her boyfriend are in a good place, but right before Christmas he dumps her. When he goes out of town, his parents invite Jess to their home, which is when she meets his handsome cousin. Is this all a setup?

All the DVD releases happening this week

  • American Gigolo Season 1
  • The Fabelmans
  • Christmas with the Campbells
  • House Party
  • Savage Salvation
  • Strange World

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