Is Wolf Pack on Amazon?

The first episodes of Wolf Pack starring Sarah Michelle Gellar are now streaming online. Where are they available? Are they on Amazon?

If you’re looking for a new supernatural TV series, you’re in a lot of luck. The new series Wolf Pack is now available to stream. Well, the first episodes are. This is a series that will get a weekly release on Thursdays, just like a lot of other shows right now.

Sarah Michelle Gellar stars in this series, but she’s not in on the supernatural world from the start. Instead, she’s the one trying to figure out what’s going on with the deadly wildfires and finds out that there’s something more curious going on.

A group of kids have been bitten by something, and now they have abilities they’ve only read about in fiction books. They become their own pack, and they’ll need to protect their town and themselves from evil.

Is Wolf Pack on Prime Video?

So, where do you need to go to be able to watch the series? This isn’t something that’s on Prime Video. At least, not with your basic Prime membership.

The series is on Paramount+, which means there is some good news for Prime Video subscribers. Paramount+ is one of the Amazon Channels available. For a little extra per month, you can keep all your shows in one place.

Is Wolf Pack on Amazon Video?

What about the other way to stream on Amazon? There’s always Amazon Instant Video, right? We see a lot of TV shows available to buy via this method.

There is some bad news for now. The episodes are not available to buy on Digital. This doesn’t mean they never will be. While Paramount+ keeps content exclusive for some time, there have been shows released on Digital in the past. We’ll likely see the same happen with Wolf Pack.

Wolf Pack is only streaming on Paramount+ for now.