Did Jonah die in Hunters Season 2?

Hunters Season 2 -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Hunters Season 2 -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Hunters Season 2 brought the hunt for Adolf Hitler to an end. What happened to Jonah at the end of the series? Did he live or die?

At the start of Hunters Season 2, we found out that the group had split up. Something happened in Spain that caused problems between them. Jonah continued to track down Nazis while living a double life as Sam.

When he learned Adolf Hitler was still alive, he headed out to see Millie. She would be the best one to talk to the others to get them to hunt the man down. They all ended up joining forces, and we did find out that Jonah had killed a kid while hunting a Nazi—the Nazi had used his grandson as a shield, but it was something Jonah regretted.

What happened to Jonah in Hunters Season 2?

At the very end, Trevor managed to get away and a group of Nazis helped to break Adolf Hitler free. It led to a shootout on a rooftop, which is where Jonah was hit in the shoulder and then in the chest. Joe was there to help stem the bleeding and called out for an ambulance.

Did the paramedics treat Jonah in time? You bet it!

Jonah’s fiancee, Clara, may have found out the truth and wanted to leave, but in the end, she realized that Jonah’s cause was a good one. She went back to Jonah and we watched the two of them get married, surrounded by their friends and family.

Sadly, Chava (Jennifer Jason Leigh) didn’t survive. While in Hitler’s compound, she ended up sacrificing herself to make sure Hitler could be brought to justice. Chava was the only main death in the season, although Roxy had a close call thanks to a brainwashed (at the time) Joe.

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