Is Alice, Darling on Amazon?

Alice, Darling is currently out in theaters and is arguably one of Anna Kendrick’s best performances ever. Will the movie stream on Amazon?

If there is only one movie to watch this month, it’s Alice, Darling. Anna Kendrick plays Alice, a woman trapped in a psychologically abusive relationship. She just doesn’t realize how abusive it is until she goes on a weekend away with her girlfriends.

As her life comes down around her, Alice needs to figure out what she wants and how to be happy. At the same time, her boyfriend, Simon, is ready to enact revenge against her and those who try to pull her away from him.

Is Alice, Darling on Prime Video?

This may not be a movie for everyone to see in theaters, especially those who are survivors of abuse. If you think it will be too heavy, you’ll want to watch at home, and that’s okay. The bad news is that Prime Video won’t get the movie right away.

This movie is going to head to STARZ first. Then it will head to the Roku Channel for streaming. After that, it could make its way to Prime Video, but it’s going to take a few years.

Is Alice, Darling on Amazon Video?

What about a Digital release? This is where we have some good news. Lionsgate movies do tend to Digital after a run in theaters. That will mean it becomes available on Amazon Instant Video, where you’ll be able to rent or buy. I always recommend buying so you can watch it whenever you want for as long as you have your Amazon account.

The release date isn’t known just yet. We’re looking at a couple of months, so that will take us toward the middle of March 2023.

Alice, Darling is currently out in theaters.