What’s streaming on Prime Video: Hunters Season 2 and more

Hunters Season 2 -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Hunters Season 2 -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

A new week is here, and we’re ready for more content. Hunters Season 2 is just one of the top releases on Prime Video this week.

It’s been a long wait for Hunters Season 2. That wait is finally over. We’ll get to see the season on Prime Video this week. It does look like it’s going to be a binge-watch release, which is great for those who have been patiently waiting for the hunt to take down Adolf Hitler.

This is going to be the final season of the series. It sounds like it’s been written as that, which is going to be great news for fans of the series.

This release is on Friday, Jan. 13. It’s not the only big release on Prime Video throughout the week.

The Test, An Officer and a Gentleman, and more

If you’re ready for a movie from the 1980s, there’s one to look out for. An Officer and a Gentleman is going to drop on Prime Video on Sunday, Jan. 15. This Richard Gere classic seesn him as a U.S. Navy officer with a bad attitude. The strict leadership of Sgt. Emil Foley when he joins the Aviation Academy helps him change his ways, and he soon discovers what he wants out of life.

For those who love cricket, there’s a new season of The Test arriving at the end of the week. It follows the men’s Australia cricket team in their highs and lows throughout the season.

Dwayne Johnson fans will be able to check out the 2013 movie Snitch. This movie follows an 18-year-old Jason, who receives a 10-year prison sentence after being caught with illegal drugs. He had no idea that the package included illegal drugs, but he refuses to be a snitch to lessen his sentence. His father wants to go undercover to expose a major player in Mexico’s drug trade.

Everything coming to Prime Video this week

January 10


Snitch (2013)

January 13


*Hunters S2 (2023)
*The Test S2 (2023)

January 15


The Steve Harvey Show S1-6 (1996)


An Officer and a Gentleman (1982)
Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962)
Road Trip (2000)

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