Gain Control of Your Goals with the Pohl Schmitt Weight Scale!

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The Pohl Schmitt Body Composition Scale is an affordable and modern device designed to help you stay on track with your New Year’s resolutions.

This scale can help provide accurate and detailed readings of multiple types of body measurements while automatically sending the data to Apple Health. It is a great tool to monitor and improve your overall health and fitness in 2021 and beyond. Continue reading to discover the features that this scale has to offer.

Personal Experience

I recently had the chance to sample a Pohl Schmitt Weighing Machine as part of my effort to maintain good health during the new year. I came across the product through a friend who recommended it, and after reading up on it and hearing how it had Apple Health integration, I decided to check it out.

The Pohl Schmitt Weight Scale is an excellent body weight gauge with plenty of calculation ability at an economical cost. The design is minimalistic yet modern, and the scale itself is lightweight and battery powered. I found that using it was very simple and straightforward, as all I had to do was stand on the scale and it would do the calculations automatically.

I was delighted that the measurements taken by the scale were automatically sent to the Health program on my iPhone. I was able to access the measurements that the scale recorded in the Body Measurements section, and then use the data to track my progress over time.

I found that the scale does a good job of offering a comprehensive view of my body with the data it collected. It was able to measure body fat, muscle rate, fat-free body weight, and visceral fat in addition to my weight.

For the Pohl Schmitt Weight Scale, the only issue I faced was needing the app constantly running to register my measurements. This was a minor annoyance, but it did not detract from the overall benefits that the scale provided.

Overall, The Pohl Schmitt Weight Measurement System is an outstanding utility to utilize if you intend to observe your health and fitness this year., or anytime. It’s an economical way to evaluate your advancement and remain focused on your wellness quest.

Pohl Schmitt Weight Scales –
Pohl Schmitt Weight Scales – /

What is the Design of the Pohl Schmitt Weight Scale?

The Pohl Schmitt Evaluation Process has a 8mm thick pane platform., Two gleaming argent grates set in a slanting formation on both sides. The illuminated display at the heart of the weight scale is visible so people can simply track their mass. Furthermore, This measuring device runs on two AA batteries, supplied in the bundle. Weighing in at a maximum of 400 lb (180 kg), this scale is suitable for all weights. The Pohl Schmitt Weight Measurement Device is an outstanding tool to aid people in achieving their health and fitness objectives in 2021.

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The Pohl Schmitt Measuring Toole

The Pohl Schmitt Body Measurement Instrument is a great solution for those interested in monitoring their health., especially for those with New Year’s resolutions. Not only does it measure body weight, but also measures BMI, body fat, muscle rate, fat-free body weight, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, body water, skeletal muscle, muscle mass, bone mass, protein, BMR, and body age. You can also connect it to the Fitdays app and Apple Health, so that your measurements are uploaded automatically and stored safely. Moreover, the sleek and minimalistic design makes it look great anywhere in the bathroom or bedroom. So, In order to maximize the effects of your dieting plan, invest in The Pohl Schmitt Weight Meter. This device is an remarkable asset which will help you on your mission to lose weight.

Connect the Pohl Schmitt Weight Monitor to the Apple Health App.

Keeping track of your physical condition in the fresh year can be simplified with a Digital Weight Scale. By employing the complimentary accompanying app, the scale can share your weight data remotely with your iPhone.

The Pohl Schmitt Weight Measurement is a widely used tool for weight reduction. It offers a precise method for calculating body fat and tracking progress. Studies suggest that this scale does assist with weight loss, but it is a slow and steady process that requires dedication and lifestyle changes. Additionally, it is important to note that the scale is not a substitute for proper diet and exercise.

The Pohl Schmitt Body System delivers aid to those aiming to realize exercise goals in the impending year. With a sleek and minimal design, the scale is not only aesthetically pleasing but also includes a multitude of features. The scale is battery-powered and measures a variety of body elements including BMI, body fat, muscle rate, fat-free body weight, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, body water, and more. Additionally, The scale’s info can be sent over to the Health utility on your iPhone., providing a single place to monitor weight loss progress and other health metrics. With its wide range of functions and Apple Health integration, The Pohl Schmitt Weight Tool is a cost-effective and reliable solution to reach weight-loss objectives.

Pohl Schmitt Weight Scales –
Pohl Schmitt Weight Scales – /

Where to Purchase the Pohl Schmitt Measuring Toole

The Pohl Schmitt Weight Meter is an ideal pick for those wishing to realize their goals for the fresh year. It offers multiple measurements, has a sleek design and is powered by batteries. The scale can be purchased from Amazon at a discounted price of $14.97, making it a great value. By introducing Fitdays app, the scale data can be easily imported and exported to the Apple Health app. The Pohl Schmitt Weight Metric is an excellent tool for staying in shape during the fresh start of the year. It has a variety of features, such as its easy-to-read digital display and its capacity to measure weight and track progress, Maintain their fitness ambitions. It also includes indicators like BMI and body fat percentages, allowing users to gain better insight into their body composition and dietary needs. Furthermore, its slim and lightweight design makes it easy to take with you and use anywhere, Offering a convenient and budget-friendly alternative to staying abreast of developments,.

Pohl Schmitt Weight Scales –
Pohl Schmitt Weight Scales – /


  • Affordable price
  • Battery powered and lightweight
  • Modern and minimalistic design with built-in Apple Health integration


  • Must open the app for measurements to be recorded
  • Need to step on scale twice for accurate measurement
  • Only available in one color

The link to purchase a Pohl Schmitt Weight Scale from Amazon can be found here

Final Conclusion

The Pohl Schmitt Weight Meter is an economical and accurate method to observe and monitor your weight-loss progress. It looks great, is sturdy and tough, and provides a wide range of measurement options that can be easily integrated into the Apple Health app. The app is straightforward to use and set up, and it is great that it can be shared among up to 24 users. Overall, this scale is a must for anyone looking for an easy way to monitor their progress and track their goals. We definitely recommend it.