Is Avatar: The Way of the Water on Amazon?

Avatar 2 is finally out in theaters, but you’ll want to watch it at home. Where is Avatar: The Way of the Water streaming online?

It’s been a long time coming, but Avatar 2 is finally in theaters so you can head there to watch it. Of course, many people still want to watch movies from home. You’re in your comfort zone and it ends up cheaper. With the rising costs of everything, you want to keep your entertainment budget down.

Now you just need to know where you can watch this second Avatar movie. Is it possible to watch Avatar: The Way of the Water on Amazon in any way?

Is Avatar: The Way of the Water on Prime Video?

We do start the post with some bad news. This is not a movie on Prime Video at the moment, and it’s not likely to head to Prime Video any time soon.

It’s a 20th Century Studios movie, and those movies head to Disney+ and Hulu. The 2022 movies have headed to HBO Max, and there is a chance that this movie will head there for a short period of time as it will be classed as a 2022 movie.

Is Avatar 2 on Amazon Video?

What about a Digital release? This is where we have some good news. There is a chance that you’ll be able to watch the second Avatar film on Amazon Instant Video very soon. After all, this is sure to get a Digital release.

We’re just not sure when the Digital release is going to happen at the time of writing this. It’s going to be based on the DVD release, and we don’t have a date for that yet. Many 2022 movies from this studio came to DVD after just two months in theaters. With the anticipation of Avatar: The Way of the Water, we may not see that two-month turnaround time. If we do, though, the Digital release is likely to happen this month.

Avatar 2 is currently out in theaters to watch.