The Boys Season 4 is not coming in January 2023

The Boys Season 3 -- Courtesy of Prime Video
The Boys Season 3 -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

We’re more than ready to start the year off with more diabolical content, but that’s not the case. The Boys Season 4 is not on the January listings.

We’ve double-checked the list of releases on Amazon in January 2023, but there’s some bad news. The Boys Season 4 is not on the list. While we didn’t expect to see it there, it didn’t stop us hoping for some type of miracle.

The wait continues, and we have no idea how long it’s going to be. Everyone is being quiet about this show, although we know filming started at the end of 2022. There will have been a break over Christmas and New Year, but filming will be back to normal soon.

When will The Boys Season 4 come to Prime Video?

So, what can we expect? When will the season arrive? We’re looking at the end of 2023 at the earliest. Before the pandemic, we did see The Boys take about 14 months between seasons. It did help that the show got an early renewal, though. The wait for the third season was longer, but the pandemic was partly to blame there.

Filming of the third season started in January 2021. We didn’t get to watch the season until June 2022. Some of the filming protocols played a part in this, so we may not have to wait 18 months from the start of filming for Season 4. It does mean that late 2023 is the earliest we’ll likely get it. We may have to wait until early 2024.

We don’t know a lot about what to expect. There has been some casting news, but nothing extra lately. Something that Eric Kripke has hinted at is the return of Black Noir. One of the benefits of having a Supe with a full mask is that anyone can take that role. While our Black Noir was killed at the end of Season 3, another Supe could take on that role in the new season.

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The Boys is available to stream on Prime Video.