Unlock Professional Audio Quality with the DJI Mic System

DJI Mic - Amazon.com
DJI Mic - Amazon.com /
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Nailing your audio quality is essential to creating a memorable and professional-looking video, regardless of your budget.

That’s where DJI’s new Mic comes into play. Introducing the DJI Mic, a wireless dual-channel microphone that anyone can use, priced at an impressive $329. This mic is so much more than just a microphone and transmitter. It also has a range of up to 250 meters, on-board storage, and battery life that can reach up to 14 hours of recording. In this review, we’ll take a closer look and find out how well it performs for both indoor and outdoor use.

Personal Experience

I recently had the opportunity to use the DJI Mic, a wireless dual channel microphone, and I must say I was impressed. After unboxing it, I noticed that the device did not require any app to be installed – it can be used right out of the box. It comes with two microphones with clips and powerful magnets on the back for attaching to clothing either inside or out. The receiver has an LCD touch screen display that shows how much audio is coming through the mics, as well as its battery power.

The receiver is plugged directly into either an Android or iOS device, and you just need to tell it that it’s not a pair of headphones. What impresses me even more is that it includes 8GB of onboard storage, which means you don’t need to connect it to anything else to begin recording – you can just start recording and download it to your computer later. The microphone is flush with the housing, but you can attach a tiny fur windsock to it.

For my outdoor test, I attached the windsock, then the mic to the outside of my sweater and went on a walk around the city. The dji mic did a great job of picking up my voice and the appropriate level of ambient noise. I was also surprised to find that it worked well with a sweater, as the knit allowed more of the sound to come through. With two layers of denim, however, it did slightly muffle the sound.

I tested the 250m range of the mic while I was out, and it worked well. My wife had no idea what she was wearing, and neither of us heard each other, even with me shouting, but the microphone was picking up her voice no problem.

Overall, the DJI Mic is a great wireless microphone system that I would recommend to anyone. It is well designed, easy to use, and you get everything you need in one box.

DJI Mic – Amazon.com
DJI Mic – Amazon.com /

What Does the DJI Mic System Include?

The DJI Mic System is a great choice for anyone looking for a wireless dual channel microphone. Included in the box are two microphones, both equipped with clip backs that allow for easy attachment to clothing. Additionally, powerful magnets on the back can be used to easily attach the device to clothing, inside and out. The receiver of the system also has an LCD touch screen display that shows the level of audio being received, as well as battery life. The system also ships with a charging case and 8GB of on-board storage, so no need to connect the receiver to anything to start recording immediately. All of this, combined with the low price of 329 USD, makes the DJI Mic system an excellent choice.

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What Unique Features Make the DJI Mic Stand Out?

The DJI Mic offers a number of features that make it stand out from the competition. First and foremost, the wireless dual channel microphone is an innovative piece of technology that can easily be used by anyone. It does not require an app to be installed on a phone or other device to use, and is simply plugged in and ready to record. Additionally, the microphones come with clips, as well as powerful magnets that allow them to be securely attached to your clothing. The receiver is outfitted with an LCD touch screen display to show the audio level and battery power. Best of all, the microphone has eight gigabytes of onboard storage, so it can record and store audio without having to connect to a computer. With its versatile design, the DJI Mic is an impressive and convenient choice for a variety of recording needs.

DJI Mic – Amazon.com
DJI Mic – Amazon.com /

How Does the Dji Mic Perform in Terms of Sound Quality?

The Dji Mic provides an impressive sound quality for its budget-friendly price. It is easily setup, with no need to install an app – simply plugging it into a phone or camera is enough to start recording. The receiver also has an LCD touch screen display, giving you a reading of the audio level and battery power of each microphone, and with 8GB of onboard storage, you can even store recordings without connecting the mic to any other device.

Furthermore, the tiny fur windsock, along with the magnetic mic clips, provide an added layer of protection for any outdoor recordings. Both the denim and sweater tests revealed a clear recording, with the mic able to pick up a normal voice despite the two layers of fabric. All in all, the Dji Mic is an ideal low-cost microphone set for recording both indoors and outdoors.

How Long Does the DJI Mic Battery Last?

The DJI Mic system can record in 30 minute increments and offers a lengthy 14 hours of battery life. It comes with a convenient charging case, which can power up both of the microphones and the receiver when necessary. The rechargeable batteries can be easily removed and replaced as needed. Additionally, the two microphones and receiver can also be charged via USB-C port if needed. With 14 hours of recording life, the DJI Mic system is perfect for a variety of tasks and recording needs.

Easily Attaching a Microphone to Clothing

With the new DJI Mic system, anyone can easily attach a microphone to their clothing with ease. This microphone system includes two microphones that come with clips on the back. These clips contain powerful magnets that make attaching the microphones to clothing easy and secure. The receiver for the microphone also has an LCD touch screen display to show audio and battery levels. The magnets also make taking the microphone off of clothing just as easy as putting them on. With this system, recording audio and video has never been easier!

Testing the Wireless Range of the DJI Mic

Testing the wireless range of the DJI Mic is a breeze. To do so, simply attach either of the two included microphones to your clothing, connect the receiver to your phone, ensure that the LCD display shows the levels of audio being received by the mics, and enjoy up to 250 meters of range. Additionally, the receiver can be connected directly to either an Android or iOS device without the need for Bluetooth pairing. Furthermore, the receiver has built-in storage of 8Gb which allows you to record without connecting to an external device. With 14 hours of battery life and a compact and lightweight design, the DJI Mic is an excellent option for anyone in need of a wireless microphone system.


  • Can record audio with no need to use an associated app.
  • Comes with two powerful microphones and magnetic clips, allowing the user to quickly attach them to the clothing.
  • Features an LCD touch screen display, which shows power and audio levels.


  • The magnets on the microphone clips are so strong to make it difficult to remove them from the receiving unit.
  • The microphone does not feature bluetooth capabilities, requiring user to plug it directly into phone or camera.
  • The microphone does not come with a windscreen and needs to be purchased separately.
DJI Mic – Amazon.com
DJI Mic – Amazon.com /

Final Conclusion

The DJI Mic is an impressive microphone system that offers great value for the money. It comes with dual microphones and all the needed accessories, so you can start recording video right away without having to install any phone apps. It has good range, up to 250 meters, and is durable enough to handle outdoor use. The powerful magnets allow you to attach the mics to your clothing, which makes the setup process very easy. With up to 14 hours of recording time, you can count on the DJI Mic to get the job done. Whether you’re a pro or just getting started, the DJI Mic is a great choice.

FAQ’s regarding the DJI Mic

What is the DJI Mic?

The DJI Mic is a wireless dual channel microphone that is easy to use and surprisingly affordable, costing only $329. It includes two microphones with magnetic clips, an LCD touch screen display receiver, and 8GB of onboard storage.

What is unique about the DJI Mic?

The DJI Mic does not require an app and is easily installed by plugging into an Android or iOS phone. It also features powerful magnets that allow the microphones to be attached to clothing inside or outside, and a tiny fur windsock for outdoor recordings.

How does the DJI Mic perform?

The DJI Mic system is able to record clear audio for up to 30 minutes and has 14 hours of battery life. It was able to pick up clear audio even through a thick denim shirt and a sweater. It also managed to pick up ambient noise without it overpowering the audio.