Taming Curly Hair with a Shark Hyper Air Round Brush!

Shark XSKHD1SB IQ Styling Brush - Amazon.com
Shark XSKHD1SB IQ Styling Brush - Amazon.com /
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I’m thrilled to be trying out the Shark Hyper Air Round Brush Accessory and giving you my sincere feedback.

This hair dryer costs approximately $230 and comes in bundles with different attachments. In the end, my hair looks pretty sleek, however the ends did not have the desired bounce I was hoping for. I find this to be a great blow dryer when you don’t have the time to style with more tools and are just looking to quickly dry your hair.

Personal Experience

Recently, I encountered the Shark Hyper Air Circular Brush Accessory and was captivated. I decided to give it a try despite not having very high hopes since my hair is very curly. I started by prepping my hair with a heat protecting serum to ensure that it stayed healthy. I then segmented my locks into halves and began to blow dry them. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it dried my hair, taking only 17 minutes to do one side.

The results were not as I had expected and I noticed my ends were a bit straight. Despite this, I was still pleased with it. I definitely recommend this item for people with curly hair if used as the initial step of drying. Subsequent to that, you can utilize a curler or a flat iron to refine the ends. It works incredibly well to speed up the hair drying process.

Shark XSKHD1SB IQ Styling Brush – Amazon.com
Shark XSKHD1SB IQ Styling Brush – Amazon.com /

Assessment of Shark Hyper Air Circular Brush Accessory

The Shark Hyper Air Round Hairbrush Accessory is a robust hairdryer that can effectively dry hair rapidly. While it did not shape the ends like my preferred attachments, it still dried my hair really quickly and gave good root volume. I think this is a great option for someone looking for quick blow drys, but I would recommend using another tool to give the ends the desired shape.

Features of the Shark Hyper Air Circular Brush Accessory

The Shark Hyper Air Circular Brush Attachment is a cutting-edge styling device that claims to offer professional-grade outcomes with its sturdily built hair dryer. It has a retail price of around $230 and has a wide range of features. It has an adjustable speed and heat settings to suit different hair types as well as a nozzle attachment for more concentrated drying and styling. It additionally equips a diffuser attachment that shields locks and curbs warmth damage. Furthermore, it dries the hair quickly, making styling a breeze.

Round Brush Attachment vs Other Hair Tools

The Shark HyperAir Circular Brush component has been assessed for its efficacy compared to other hair instruments. The hairdryer sells for approximately 230 dollars and works rapidly with its high temperature setting. Although the round brush attachment looks different from a standard paddle brush attachment, Closer to the scalp, the heat will evaporate the moisture, thus expediting the drying process. Whilst it gives a sleek blowout, it doesn’t shape the ends as much as users may like, making it best for first-stage drying and styling. To achieve a livelier effect, Users may need to employ an alternative styling device such as a curling iron or flat iron. Overall, the attachment works well and quickly, despite not achieving the desired results in terms of styling the ends.

Experimenting with the Shark Hyper Air Circle Brush Accessory

I sampled the Hyper Air Circular Comb Accompaniment produced by Shark. I found it a good tool to use as a first step in the hair drying process. It dries hair quickly, taking only around 17 minutes on the curlier side of my hair. It also left my roots looking sleek, however, I was not as pleased with the ends as I wanted them to have a bit more bounce. I think this attachment could work for those with curly hair, Practicing more and using another styling implement could be beneficial in crafting the finish of the hair.

Shark XSKHD1SB IQ Styling Brush – Amazon.com
Shark XSKHD1SB IQ Styling Brush – Amazon.com /

Does the Attachment Work for All Hair Types?

Jalisaa recently experimented with a Shark Hyper Air Circling Comb Appendage on her wavy hair and was amazed by the outcomes. She found that it dried her hair quickly, but didn’t give her the same bouncy end results that she was hoping for. In her opinion, it would be best used as a first step in the drying process and then straightened or curled to achieve the desired look. Despite a few drawbacks, Jalisaa found that the attachment worked well on her hair type and could be a great option for those who want to dry their hair quickly.

Disadvantages of Utilizing the Shark Hyper Air Circular Brush Accessory

The Shark Hyper Air Round Brush Attachment supplies users with an expeditious method for styling and drying hair., there are some drawbacks to consider. First, the user may not be able to get the desired shape or bounce in their ends that they would with a rounded brush or wand. Additionally, the user may need to practice in order to get the best results from the device.

The link to purchase a Shark XSKHD1SB IQ Styling Brush from Amazon can be found here


  • Quick drying time – this blow dryer dries hair quickly and effectively.
  • Variety of attachments – the blow dryer comes with various attachments, allowing users to find the best fit for their hair type and desired outcomes.
  • High quality – this blow dryer is made with high quality technology and materials, making it a reliable, long-lasting purchase.


  • Expensive – the blow dryer is quite expensive when compared to other models and brands.
    Limited styling – the hair tool isn’t able to provide the same level of styling as other more specialized tools.
  • Hard to control – using the brush attachment can be difficult for some users, as it requires one hand to hold the hair and the other to work the tool.
Shark XSKHD1SB IQ Styling Brush – Amazon.com
Shark XSKHD1SB IQ Styling Brush – Amazon.com /

Final Conclusion: Shark Hyper Air Round Brush

The Shark Hyper Air Circular Brush Accessory is an excellent tool and a sound financial decision. It dries my hair quickly, taking only 17 minutes for the whole head, The Educate Cash in Instant Repair Elixir assists in guarding strands against heat damage. I would recommend this product to others, especially those with curly hair, as the combination of the nozzle attachment and round brush attachment can help provide a bouncy look with shaped ends.

FAQ’s regarding the Shark Hyper Air Round Brush

What product is being discussed in the text?

The item being discussed in the text is the Shark Hyper Air Circular Comb Accessory.

How long did it take the writer to do one side of their hair?

It took the writer around 16 minutes to do one side of their hair.

What is the bundle option for this product?

The bundle option for this product includes the diffuser attachment, nozzle attachment, and complete bundle with all attachments.