Grip the Ice with Confidence: Reviewing the Plastic Rubber Ice Cleats

Aliglow Ice Snow Grips Over Shoe -
Aliglow Ice Snow Grips Over Shoe - /
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Today we’re taking a look at an oft overlooked piece of winter equipment: ice cleats.

They come in especially handy when there’s rain or snow, providing a much needed bit of traction and stability to navigate slick and icy surfaces. We tested them out on a mix of snow and freezing rain, and we’re pleased to report that they held up really well. They attach just to the toe portion of the foot, Need two hands to climb aboard, but the rubber grips well to the shoe but especially boots for a snug fit. The cleats are not too sharp and not too thick, so you still have finesse when it comes to balancing yourself on icy surfaces. They’re a good value, and a great solution to wintery conditions. Now let’s take a closer look!

Personal Experience

Recently, I had an opportunity to try out a set of ice grips designed for my feet. I had seen them around in the past, but this was the first chance I had to give them a go. I was at a spot in the winter where I had a mix of snow, freezing rain, and some hard ice. It was a great chance to give them a try.

Using two hands, I was able to easily fit the cleats to my size 10 shoes. A rubber band holds them snug and makes sure they don’t slide off. They had a kind of “crow feet” tread design and small metal cleats, which made them reliable on the ice.

I was able to easily navigate the hard ice and compacted snow with these cleats. They provided me with enough traction to stay stable, but not so much that I felt like I was dragging my feet. I was also able to easily maneuver myself on the ice and quickly move around.

Overall, I was very pleased with the product. I believe it provided me with just the right amount of traction while also allowing me to still walk with ease. I think they would be ideal for anyone wanting to shovel snow or traverse icy pathways during the wintertime.

Benefits of the Rubber Ice Grips

Ice spikes are an ideal addition for anyone seeking to stay balanced on icy terrain. The cleats are designed to fit over the toes and are made of rubber with a yellow polymer disc and metal cleat for extra stability. They don’t take long to put on and can maintain a tight grip. Furthermore, the cleats are small and pointy and about a few millimeters thick, allowing for easy control on snowy and icy surfaces. Overall, these cleats are a great value and perfect for any outdoor activity in cold temperatures.

Ice grips made of plastic and rubber deliver increased steadiness and grip on icy surfaces that would otherwise make movement hard. They are designed with a rubber sole and metal cleat that provide a secure fit on the top of the foot. The rubber provides a good amount of grip and the metal cleat helps with stability on harder ice and snow surfaces. The cleats are lightweight and easy to put on, making them a great option for tackling slippery conditions.

Ease of Putting on Plastic Rubber Ice Cleats

It is relatively straightforward and easy to put on the plastic rubber ice cleats. Stretching the rubber across the top of the foot necessitates the use of both arms., but it holds on tight even to shoes of all sizes. Peter from Pandi tested the cleats on various surfaces and found them to be stable and effective. He also recommended keeping a few pairs around the house, and car, as they are a value and versatile option.

Aliglow Ice Snow Grips Over Shoe –
Aliglow Ice Snow Grips Over Shoe – /

Are Plastic Rubber Ice Cleats Suitable for Different Types of Winter Footwear?

Through Peter’s demonstration, Ice spiked grips for winter boots are suitable for an assortment of footwear. These cleats can be secured snugly around the front part of the foot with just two hands and have a tiny, A yellow synthetic round with a metallic clasp. This combination offers a measure of traction on a variety of surfaces, including hardened snow and ice. These cleats are quite diminutive, providing precise commandment and equilibrium on the anterior part of the feet. Peter claims that the cleats work well and are of good value, making them a great choice for areas with icy and slippery surfaces.

Quality of Ice Cleats

These ice cleats are constructed with a combination of rubber and metal cleats, with a small yellow polymer disc and metal cleats that provide traction on icy terrain. The rubber is small and tight, allowing it to grip the shoe securely. It takes two hands to strap the cleats on, but they are easy to put on and do not require a tight fit. The metal cleats are not too pointy, making them comfortable to wear, but still providing necessary traction on the snow and icy surfaces. Overall, these ice cleats are of good quality and provide good value for their price.

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Are Plastic Rubber Ice Cleats Effective?

Ice traction devices may be a sound option for traversing slick surfaces such as ice or snow. Peter from Pandi tested a set of these cleats on a combination of snow, freezing rain, and other icy surfaces. He found that the cleats provided good grip, as the rubber and small metal cleats offered extra traction. In addition, The cleats gripped snugly around the toes and necessitated two hands to don., providing a secure fit. With the cleats, Peter was able to maintain control of his footing. Thus, these ice cleats may be an effective way to traverse icy areas.


  • Easy to put on with two hands and secures tightly to the foot.
  • Low profile design and small metal cleats provide good traction on ice and snow.
  • Affordable and comes in various sizes.


  • Must have equilibrium in the anterior part of the foot for fine maneuverability.
  • Not suitable for shoes that are too small.
  • Not suitable for more extreme terrains.
Aliglow Ice Snow Grips Over Shoe –
Aliglow Ice Snow Grips Over Shoe – /

Aliglow Ice Snow Grips Over Shoe: Final Conclusion

The plastic rubber ice cleats provide great value and are a great option to consider for outdoor winter activities. They are easy to put on with two hands and provide the necessary traction on ice and snow surfaces. The cleats are not too big or pointy, and the polymer discs with metal cleats help to improve stability when walking. All in all, these ice cleats are a great option to consider when looking for traction on icy surfaces.

FAQ’s regarding the Aliglow Ice Snow Grips Over Shoe

What size ice cleats does this product come in?

This product comes in size 10.

How do you put the ice cleats on?

The ice cleats require two hands to be put on as the rubber is small and needs to be stretched apart to fit snugly over the toe area of the foot.

How effective are the ice cleats?

The ice cleats work great and provide excellent traction on both hardened ice and on hardened, compacted snow.