Discover the Benefits of Building a Premium Custom Keyboard

DROP ALT High-Profile Mechanical Keyboard -
DROP ALT High-Profile Mechanical Keyboard - /
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Welcome to our review of this amazing custom keyboard! If you are looking for a keyboard that gives you the best performance and look, then this might be the perfect one for you.

We’ll break down all of the components used in this build, and explain what makes it such a great choice. With its heavy brass weight and its hot swappable PCB board, this keyboard offers great features and a super premium feel. And with its Tofu 65 aluminum case and MT3 Susu Atari custom keycaps, you can be sure that this keyboard will look good and provide an optimal typing experience. We’ll also discuss the Gateron Black Ink switches, the custom coiled cable and the dual rock screw-in stabilizers. So stay tuned for our full review and sound test of this awesome keyboard!

Personal Experience

I recently had the opportunity to purchase and use a custom keyboard. I was looking for something that would provide me with a high-quality typing experience and be able to fit in my small workspace. After doing some research, I decided on one that included a Tofu 65 Aluminum case and a PCB board with hot swappable switches. I also opted for the MT3 Susu Atari personalized keycaps, Gateron Black inks switches, and a custom-made coiled cable.

The assembly process was quite simple, but it did require a lot of patience. I had to lube each switch individually, as well as loop each stabilizer. I also had to apply switch films to reduce wobble. However, the end result was completely worth it as the keyboard had a great feel and sound to it.

A few potential drawbacks to the keyboard is that it is quite pricey and the cable is not detachable. Also, I did have to redo the assembly once because the left shift stabilizer was installed incorrectly.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with my purchase and plan to continue using it for a long time. The keyboard is a great combination of appearance and function that makes for an enjoyable typing experience.

DROP ALT High-Profile Mechanical Keyboard (accessories) –
DROP ALT High-Profile Mechanical Keyboard (accessories) – /

Building a Customized Keyboard

The Tofu 65 metallic enclosure, Hot Swappable PCB Board, 65 size Brass Plate, Foam Dampener, MT3 Susu Atari Modified Keycaps, Gateron Black Inks, Custom Coil Cable, Dual Rock Screw-In Stabilizers, Desk Key Cap Films were the pieces used to construct the tailored keyboard. Each part was chosen for the ultimate typing experience, sound, and look. In total, the cost of all the parts adds up to over 500 dollars, making it a very expensive custom build.

Utilizing Crytox 205 Lubricant

The Crytox 205 fluid is employed to provide a sleeker movement and create a richer acoustic sound when fabricating a keyboard. It is applied to the switch housing, spring, and stem to create a more uniform performance. By pairing Crytox 205 with Gateron black ink switches, it reduces amount of friction between the components and enhances the sound quality.

DROP ALT High-Profile Mechanical Keyboard –
DROP ALT High-Profile Mechanical Keyboard – /

Switch Films Offer Superior Benefits

Switch films are a great addition to custom keyboards as they provide superior benefits. They aid in decreasing swaying between the upper and lower enclosures and also form a snugger connection. This helps to enhance sound quality, achieve smoother travel, and produce deeper acoustic sounds. Additionally, they are an essential component in stabilizing the keyboard, decreasing rattles and any unwanted movement when typing. Switch films are an essential component of any custom keyboard build and can make all the difference.

DROP ALT High-Profile Mechanical Keyboard: Keyboard Sounds

The keyboard produces a very satisfying sound with smooth traveling and deep acoustic notes. Achieving this is possible with the Gateron Black Inks’ advanced system., which is a very popular linear switch on the market. The dual rock screw-in stabilizers also help reduce any rattling and wobbling of the keys, creating a stable and reliable sound. Additionally, The foam attenuator enclosed close to the printed circuit board and the housing further boosts the acoustic quality of the keyboard.

The link to purchase the DROP ALT High-Profile Mechanical Keyboard from Amazon can be found here

DROP ALT High-Profile Mechanical Keyboard: Customized Keyboard Design Enhanced by Coiled Cable

The coiled cable provides a unique look that stands out against conventional keyboards. The aviator connector and dark red color of the cable add a unique aesthetic to the overall design of the keyboard. The cable is also advantageous in that it can be tucked away and kept out of sight of the desk, while still providing a fully-functional keyboard. The coiled cable also ensures a secure connection and provides a premium feel to the keyboard.

DROP ALT High-Profile Mechanical Keyboard: Purpose of the Stabilizers

Stabilizers are an important part of building a keyboard as they help keep components secure and reduce wobbling. In the video mentioned, they used Do-Rock screw-in stabilizers to help not only stabilize the switches but to also reduce any rattling that might occur when pressing down keys. Additionally, using switch films along with the stabilizers help to make the switches tighter which ultimately improves the sound quality of the keyboard.

Pros of the DROP ALT High-Profile Mechanical Keyboard

  • Compact size saves space on the desk.
  • Fully customizable with RGB LEDs and Hot Swappable PCB.
  • Foam dampener produces better acoustic sound quality.

Cons of the DROP ALT High-Profile Mechanical Keyboard

  • Expensive to purchase, with parts costing over 500 dollars.
  • Long process to assemble and customize.
  • Incorrect stabilizer installation may occur.
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Building a custom keyboard is an expensive endeavor and it involves a lot of research and meticulous planning to ensure that it is done correctly. However, the end result is well worth it as it can provide a user with an ideal keyboard experience that is tailored to their personal preferences. With its hot-swappable PCB board and a brass weight case, this custom keyboard offers a premium feel and a great sound. For anyone looking to take their keyboard experience to the next level, this custom keyboard is definitely worth considering.

FAQ’s regarding the DROP ALT High-Profile Mechanical Keyboard

What is the keyboard made of?

The keyboard has an aluminum case by kbd fans, a PCB board with hot swappable parts, a 65 sized brass plate, foam dampener, MT3 Susu Atari custom keycaps, Gateron Black Inks switches, and a custom coil cable with an aviator connector.

How can it produce an epic sound?

Switch films are used to create an impressive sound, providing stability and diminishing vibration. Crytox 205 lubricant is then applied to the switch housing, compression spring, and stem, granting a smoother transition and deeper sonic resonance.

What does it cost?

The total cost for all the parts in this build is over $500.