An Unbiased Review of Kevin Durant’s KD14: Putting the Bad Boy to the Test

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Hey everyone! Today, I’m going to be assessing the latest version of Kevin Durant’s signature shoe collection, the KD-14.

After trying these shoes out, it’s safe to say that they are a great upgrade over the previous models and worthy of the name. I’ll be going through the traction, cushioning, upper, and sizing of the shoes, so stay tuned!

Personal Experience with the KD-14’s

I recently had the opportunity to test out the newest release of Kevin Durant’s signature shoe line., the KD-14. I had always been a fan of his KD7 sneaker line, so I was eager to check out what this new version had in store for me. From the moment I put these kicks on, I was immediately impressed. The traction was aggressive and reminded me of last year’s model, but with a few tweaks. Plus, the cushioning felt comfortable, yet bouncy. I was worried about the insole being a little too stiff at first, causing some sliding, but it eventually molded to my foot and the fit felt great.

The upper was also surprising to me. It had a forward layer system beneath the TPU style mesh, making it look like a velvet grandma couch pattern. I wasn’t sure if I was a fan of the design at first, but the feel was definitely worth it. One thing I did notice was the cutout in the middle of the foot that could cause me to roll if I stepped on it wrong. The enigmatic Reaper-shaped fastener as well as some inscribed numbers added an exciting touch, yet I couldn’t determine if it was a reference to their moniker or not.

Overall, I really enjoyed the KD-14 and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a solid basketball sneaker. Sure, it may have a few drawbacks, but the feel and performance definitely makes it worth the money.

KD-14 Sneakers –
KD-14 Sneakers – /

Aesthetic of the KD 14 Sneaker

The KD 14 sneaker has an overall aesthetic that resembles an upgraded version of the KD 7 sneaker. Its aggressive traction and four-layered system combined with a mid-top design make the shoe look distinct. It has a velvet-like design pattern on its upper that adds to the shoe’s overall look. At the rear of the foot, A crafted canvas impression furnishes further look and fashion. The strap design is also eye-catching, with a nod toKevin Durant’s nickname of ‘The Slim Reaper’. All of these elements make the KD 14 a stylish, comfortable and performance-ready sneaker.

Traction on the KD-14 Sneaker

The traction on the KD-14 is very aggressive and covers the entire shoe. It is reminiscent of the KD-13, featuring ovalised patterns for grip. The rubber is soft, which makes it great for outdoor use. However, due to this softness, there is the possibility of the sole cratering in the mid foot when playing.

KD-14 Sneakers –
KD-14 Sneakers – /

Examining the Cushioning of the KD-14

The KD-14 features an aggressive rubber traction and a Zoom Strobel cushioning system that promises to deliver a bouncy feel. The cushioning is described as feeling like marshmallows with air, while the foam is soft and cushioned. The insole is also molded to the foot and is meant to take the shape of the wearer’s feet faster. However, the cushioning is slightly less than that of the KD-12 and 13, Excluding the extra Zoom element in the back.

Upper Look and Feel of the KD-14

The upper of the KD-14 has a layered system which consists of an orange base, white structural layer, lightweight mesh, and a design layer with cross stitching. The upper already feels broken in and it has a soft molded canvas feel. The design layer has a kind of grandma’s couch pattern and may be a nod to Kevin Durant’s nickname “Slim Reaper”. The upper also has a useful strap for a snug fit. The styling of the upper may not go down well with everyone, yet it still manages to offer adequate backing and a pleasant fit.

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The Sizing Process

The size of the KD-14 varies, with some people preferring a snug fit and others desiring more room. The suggested size for those who like the snug fit is to stay true to your size. However, for those wanting a bit more room, it is recommended to size up by half a size. Nike offers an easy return policy, Guaranteeing a hassle-free return process, we allow customers to try out their purchases for a month before sending them back in the event of an incorrect fit.

Look Closely at the KD-14 Strap
The KD-14 has an interesting strap that may be a nod to one of Kevin Durant’s nicknames. It is designed with a grim reaper-esque design, with the number 14 scratched into it. The strap is made out of a molded material that is meant to provide the wearer with stability and protection. The accompanying strap adds to the KD-14’s modern look, enabling it to make a strong impression in the sneaker world.

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KD-14 Sneakers – /

Pros of the KD-14’s

  • Aggressive Traction – The aggressive traction is comparable to the previous model and provides excellent grip.
  • Cushioning – The cushioning is a marshmallow-like foam and bouncy thanks to the Zoom Stroble.


The KD-14 is a great choice for any basketball player looking for a reliable shoe. It offers a great combination of aggressive traction and bouncy, marshmallow-like cushioning, sure to provide exceptional performance. The upper is a little strange but still allows a comfortable fit and the oversized strap is a nice addition. The price point at $150 is a bit high but definitely worth the extra money. Overall, this shoe is definitely a great choice for any basketball player.