Samsung Jet 70 Pet Review: Does This Stick Vacuum Deliver?

Samsung Jet 70 Pet -
Samsung Jet 70 Pet - /
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The Samsung Jet 70 Pet is the mid-range model in the ocean of stick vacuums from the Samsung family.

It’s lightweight and comes with a universal floor head for cleaning both carpets and hard floors as well as a few extra attachments. Is this vacuum worth the price tag? We’ll find out in this detailed review.

The Samsung Jet 70 Pet: What Kind of Performance Can You Expect?

The Jet 70 works excellently on both bare floors and carpets, and its suction power remains strong even after the dust bin starts to fill up. When it comes to pet hair, the vacuum does a fantastic job on both hardwood and carpeting. It also does surprisingly well when used on upholstery, although you may need to alternate between the turbo brush and small nozzle crevice tool to properly vacuum pet hair from this surface.

Samsung Jet 70 Pet –
Samsung Jet 70 Pet – /

Do You Need to Spend Extra Money on Accessories?

The Jet 70 comes with a few extras like the upholstery tool, a crevice tool and a turbo brush but is not bundled with the Sweeper Brush attachment. This attachment is pricey and doesn’t provide very good value, so you may want to leave it out of your vacuum setup.

The Samsung Jet 70 Pet: How Long Does It Run on a Charge?

Battery performance on the Jet 70 leaves something to be desired. With the floor head in its most powerful “max” mode, it applies power for around five minutes — not enough time to deal with stubborn debris embedded in carpets. Additionally, there’s no secondary battery charging slot on the rack station, so you’re not able to charge a separate battery for extended runtime.

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The Samsung Jet 70 Pet: Is This Vacuum Low Maintenance?

The Samsung Jet 70 isn’t too difficult to maintain. The dirt compartment is easily released from the rest of the vacuum and you can empty it out with a press of a button. It also has easy access to its cyclone micro and HEPA filters and you can remove the brush roll on its main floor head quickly to cut away any tangled hair. The cost of ownership is low since there are no disposable dirt bags that need to be replaced. Overall, the vacuum feels quite well built although the wand attachment point is a bit loose.

Do the Filters Perform Well?

The Jet 70 features a 5-stage filtration system and generally does a good job of sealing in fine debris. It is worth noting, however, that bagless vacuums like this one release a large amount of dust when emptying the dirt bin and may not be suitable for those with allergies due to this. Samsung does offer an accessory called the Clean Station that works by mounting the dirt compartment on top of the station and sucking any accumulated debris into the bag inside. It is unconfirmed, however, if this accessory effectively seals in allergens.

Samsung Jet 70 Pet-
Samsung Jet 70 Pet- /

Should You Buy the Samsung Jet 70 Pet?

The Samsung Jet 70 offers impressive performance on a variety of surfaces and its lightweight design makes it maneuverable and easy to maintain. It might not be ideal for those with allergies and its battery performance is not the best. If you’re looking for a similarly priced vacuum with longer battery life, the Tineco Pure 1X TANGO could be worth a look. For those looking to invest a bit more, the LG Cord Zero A9 Ultimate might serve you better.

Pros regarding the Samsung Jet 70 Pet:

  • – Lightweight and Maneuverable
  • – Excellent Performance On Bare Floors and Low/High Pile Carpet
  • – 5 Stage Filtration System with HEPA Filter
  • – Easy to Maintain Design

Cons regarding the Samsung Jet 70 Pet:

  • – No Secondary Battery Charging Slot
  • – Unimpressive Battery Performance
  • – Don’t Come With Sweeper Brush Attachment
  • – Release Plume of Dust When Emptying Out
Samsung Jet 70 Pet –
Samsung Jet 70 Pet – /

The Samsung Jet 70 Pet: Bottom Line Purchase Decision:

The Samsung Jet 70 is an impressively well-rounded mid-range model that delivers excellent performance on bare floors and low and high pile carpets. It is lightweight and maneuverable and has an easy to maintain design with its 5-stage filtration system with HEPA filter. While it does have an unimpressive battery performance and lacks an additional battery charging slot and a sweeper brush attachment, it is still worth considering if you are looking for a good cordless stick vacuum.

FAQ’s Regarding the Samsung Jet 70 Vacuum:

Q: What color is the Samsung Jet 70 Vacuum?

A: The Samsung Jet 70 is only available in an airborne white color scheme, with purple accents and a brushed metal finish.

Q: What attachments come with the Samsung Jet 70?

A: The Samsung Jet 70 comes with an upholstery tool with a clip-on soft bristle brush, a miniature turbo brush for cleaning fabric surfaces, and an extendable crevice tool for dealing with debris in tight spots.

Q: Does the Samsung Jet 70 come with sweeper brush attachment?

A: No, the Samsung Jet 70 does not come with a sweeper brush attachment. It is however fully compatible with Samsung’s sweeper brush attachment but will have to be purchased separately.

Q: How well does the Samsung Jet 70 perform on pet hair?

A: The Samsung Jet 70 is remarkably effective when it comes to dealing with pet hair on bare floors as well as low and high pile carpets. It can also do a decent job of cleaning pet hair off upholstery, but the turbo brush and narrow nozzle combination tool will be needed to get all of it.