The Keychron Q3: An In-Depth Review

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The Keychron Q3 is the third model in the Keychron Q series and it’s manufactured for ultimate customizability.

You can get this keyboard in a range of styles and with various switches and keycaps, components, and more. We review the knobless, pre-assembled version with tactile Gateron G Pro Brown switches. Keep in mind that although our results are fairly consistent, the typing experience can vary slightly depending on the components used.

Keychron Q3: A Versatile Customizable Keyboard

What sets the Keychron Q3 apart from the Q1 and Q2 models is its 10-keyless size. This means that there’s no number pad, but the whole navigational cluster remains, not just the arrow keys and a few buttons. The construction and design of this keyboard is truly remarkable. There’s a gasket-mounted design which adds some bounce to the typing. The switches are set into the board and protected by layers of sound-dampening foam, providing a quiet, pleasant sound. Similarly, the chassis and baseplate are made of solid aluminum, making for a heavy yet steadfast keyboard that stays in place.

Keychron Q3: Comfortable Typing Experience

The double shot PBT keycaps feature an OSA profile, which is the same height as a standard keycap but is rounder on top. The backlights are south-facing, so they won’t be properly visible with shine-through legends. Yet, thanks to its hot-swappable PCB, you can experiment with different 3-pin or 5-pin switches and customize the keyboard to your exact preferences. Moreover, the screws and stabilizers are pre-lubed, and you can swap them out if you like. The main downside to this keyboard is that there are no incline settings to angle the board, making it uncomfortable to type on for long periods of time. But you can purchase a wrist rest separately from Keychron’s website and make your experience a bit more comfortable.

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Keychron Q3: Total Control With a Variety of Features

The Q3 is built with a range of features to make for an enjoyable experience. You can toggle between Windows and Mac modes using the switch on the top left corner of the board, so you can seamlessly use it with your preferred operating system. Plus, the board works with Linux. For media control, once you’ve set it to Mac mode, you can use hotkeys to adjust the lighting, adjust volume or whatever you want. You can access this info in Keychron’s user-guide. To further customize your keyboard, the Q3 is compatible with the VIA software and is supported by QMK and all necessity files can be found on Keychron’s website. Using the software you can reprogram and remap any key on the board to build your own macros and shortcuts.Should You Buy It?
Keychron’s Q3 is a great, customized keyboard that comes with high-quality parts right out of the box. Although its price point is higher than some other customizable, 10-keyless keyboards this one truly does offer a great bang for your buck. You won’t find as many extra features as you would on some gaming keyboards here, as the latency isn’t at optimal levels for gaming. But, if you’re looking for a typing experience that’s smooth, quiet and completely customizable, the Keychron Q3 is absolutely worth your time and money.

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Pros and Cons regarding the Keychron Q3


  • Fully customizable
  • Solid Aluminum construction
  • Tactile gataron G Pro Brown switches
  • Sound dampening foam to keep the noise quiet
  • Double shot PBT keycaps with unique OSA profile
  • Hot-swappable PCB
  • Screw wind stabilizers already pre-lubed
  • Toggle switch between Windows and Mac modes
  • Compatible with VIA software, QMK supported


  • Lacks a numpad
  • No incline settings to angle the keyboard
  • High profile can lead to wrist fatigue
  • No LED menu screens or RGB volume knobs
  • Not suitable as gaming keyboard

The link to purchase the Keychron Q3 Keyboard from Amazon can be found here

The Keychron Q3: Bottom Line

The Keychron Q3 is a great choice for those looking for a highly customizable keyboard with great build quality and a unique typing experience. The keyboard comes with tactile Gataron G Pro Brown switches and double shot PBT keycaps out of the box, and it has lots of features like hot-swappable PCB, sound dampening foam and toggle switches between Windows and Mac modes. The downside of the Keychron Q3 is that it doesn’t have a numpad, incline settings, LED menu screens or RGB volume knobs. And since it isn’t designed for gaming, it’s latency isn’t suitable for professional gaming tournaments.

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FAQ’s regarding the Keychron Q3

1) What type of switches does the Keychron Q3 have?

The Keychron Q3 comes with tactile Gataron G Pro Brown switches pre-lubed.

2) Does the Keychron Q3 have a numpad?

No, the Keychron Q3 is a 10-keyless keyboard and lacks a numpad.

3) Does the Keychron Q3 come with any incline settings?

No, the Keychron Q3 does not come with any incline settings.

4) Does the Keychron Q3 have any RGB settings?

No, the Keychron Q3 does not have any RGB settings.

5) Can I use the Keychron Q3 for gaming?

No, the Keychron Q3 is not suitable for gaming as it’s latency isn’t suitable for professional gaming tournaments.