Discover the Incredible Features of the iPhone 14 Pro

Apple iPhone 14 Pro (64 GB) -
Apple iPhone 14 Pro (64 GB) - /
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Today we are taking a close look at the latest and most anticipated flagship phone from Apple, the iPhone 14 Pro.

The phone has incorporated a brand-new 48MP camera, an updated Notch and Always on Display, a feature which has been popular among Android users for some time. In this review we will explore the features of this premium phone to decide if it is worth purchasing.

Personal Experience with the iPhone 14 Pro

I recently purchased the iPhone 14 Pro and have been trying it out ever since. The design is similar to the iPhone 13 Pro, A metal rim encircling the sides and an opaque glass rear. It’s weightier than the iPhone 13 Pro, but it still felt really comfortable in my hand.

The display is the same Super Retina 120Hz OLED XDR, but with a peak brightness of 2000nits as opposed to the 1200nits of the iPhone 13 Pro. It performs really well in brighter conditions. The big change this year is the Dynamic Island, which is the pill-shaped notch that houses the TrueDepth camera system. It’s a really interesting solution, It syncs easily with existing programs and meshes competently with native applications. However, for third-party apps it still feels quite limited.

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The photography tool has been enhanced with the debut of a new 48 megapixel detector. This captures an incredible amount of detail, and the images turn out great. It’s only available in ProRaw setting, so it takes up more storage. The ultrawide lens has also been improved, as has the front-facing camera with an upgraded sensor and autofocus. It also now has cinematic 4K capabilities, which is a great addition.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro. –
Apple iPhone 14 Pro. – /

Finally, The battery of the iPhone 13 Pro has seen an improvement with its 3200mAh capacity, a significant jump from the 3095mAh of its predecessor. Apple claims the hardware enhancements have resulted in longer battery life, but I haven’t noticed too much of a difference compared to the iPhone 13 Pro.

Overall, the iPhone 14 Pro is a great upgrade from the iPhone 13 Pro, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a solid upgrade.

An Overview of the iPhone 14 Pro Design

The look of the iPhone 14 Pro is virtually indistinguishable from its forerunner., the 13 Pro., with a slightly heavier weight of 2 grams and a more prominent camera bump. It boasts a sensational 120Hz OLED XDR panel with 2556×1000 179 resolution and maximum luminosity of 2000 nits. The dynamic island notch houses the TrueDepth camera system to give the user additional functionality. The glass over the back adapts its tint depending on the lighting, giving it a more upscale look.

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Display Features of iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone Fourteen Pro boasts a Super Retina 120Hz OLED Extreme Dynamic Range display., identical to the one in the iPhone 13 Pro., with a resolution of 2556 x 1000 pixels at 179 PPI of 460. The pill shaped Dynamic Island housing the True Depth cameras offers a unique interface solution compared to the notch of the 13 Pro. Furthermore, The Always On Display characteristic facilitates users to promptly access the time and fresh notifications without having to open the phone. The max peak brightness of the display is 2000 nits, which is an increase from that of the iPhone 13 Pro.

What is Dynamic Island?

Dynamic Island is a feature introduced on the iPhone 14 Pro. It is a pill-shaped indentation that accommodates the advanced Depth Camera System. This Notch will allow the user to control their phone features in an efficient manner. Dynamic Island pairs harmoniously with Native software, For example, the Timer Utility, to add an extra layer of convenience. With Dynamic Island, The user can gain an idea of what is playing or swiftly traverse the features of an application without needing to pick up their phone.

Apple Camera Comparison

The latest model of the iPhone has experienced an immense improvement in its photography features. The device now sports a 48 megapixel camera alongside its cutting-edge Photonic Engine image processing technology. This breakthrough innovation promises to revolutionize how photos are taken and stored. It has also seen an improved front-facing camera with an upgraded sensor, as well as the addition of 4K video capabilities in the cinematic mode. Whilst the telephoto lens remains the same, The ultrawide lens has observed an improvement in quality. In comparison, The iPhone 13 Pro had a modest 12-megapixel snapper, yet the iPhone 14 Pro has undergone a remarkable progress.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro –
Apple iPhone 14 Pro – /

Always-on Display on the iPhone 14 Pro

The smartphone’s always-on display is one of its latest additions on the iPhone 14 Pro. This display is suitable for those sunnier days, with the device boasting 2000 nits of peak brightness, surpassing its predecessor’s 1200 peak brightness. Gives quick access to the time and notifications without having to grab the phone, adding a certain convenience. Furthermore, third-party apps such as Spotify also have the capability to display what’s currently playing. Although it might consume more battery, When the gadget is tucked away in your pocket, or sits upside-down, it automatically turns off.

Battery Changes for the iPhone 14 Pro

The newest iteration of the iPhone has seen remarkable improvements in battery life. Compared to the iPhone 13 Pro, The 14 Pro has a 3200 mAh power cell, a 205 mAh upgrade. Tests have shown that this provides up to hour more video streaming time and 2 hours more web browsing time. However, in terms of 3D gaming, It is a marked contrast to the 13 Pro, taking a 3 hour hit in battery life. This contributes to an apparent distinction when assessing the stamina of the 14 Pro’s power source.

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Pros of the iPhone 14 Pro

  • Updated notch design with Dynamic Island feature.
  • Super Retina 120 Hz OLED XDR Display for sharp visuals.
  • 48 megapixel camera with superior image processing.

Cons of the iPhone 14 Pro

  • Still somewhat limited functionality of Dynamic Island feature.
  • Always On Display feature can take a toll on battery life.
  • 3D gaming performance is weaker than that of the iPhone 13 Pro.
Apple iPhone 14 Pro –
Apple iPhone 14 Pro – /


People seeking to replace their current device should consider the iPhone 14 Pro as an excellent option. With its sleek design, improved battery life, great camera capabilities and the new Dynamic Island feature, it offers an excellent user experience. It may not provide a massive improvement over the 13 Pro, but the many improvements are worth the upgrade if you are in the market for a new phone. The 48 megapixel camera is a great addition, with the capability to shoot Pro RAW images, although it can take up lots of storage space. The improved battery life is also a great bonus for users. All in all, the iPhone 14 Pro is a worthwhile upgrade for anyone looking to upgrade their current device.

FAQ’s regarding the iPhone 14 Pro

The appearance of the iPhone 14 Pro is yet to be revealed?

The iPhone 14 Pro features a familiar design to the 13 Pro with its steel edges and matte glass rear. The minor alteration is a divergence of 2 grams in the weight between the 14 pro and the 13 Pro., with the 14 pro being slightly heavier. This year, the camera bump on the 14 Pro appears to be expanded in both height and width.

What are the features of Dynamic Island?

A cuboid enclosure designed to accommodate the TrueDepth camera system is known as a Dynamic Island. It meshes nicely with Native programs and signals, Dynamic Island enables users to stay updated on what’s happening around them, ranging from notifications that their AirPods have paired with their phone to comprehensive instructions while navigating with the Maps app. This feature also integrates with select third-party services like Spotify to display the current song being played.

What are the improvements with the cameras?

All of the cameras have seen a modification this year, except for the telephoto lens. With the introduction of an all-new 48 megapixel shooter, the main camera has undergone a great transformation. Pictures taken with this sensor are awe-inspiring. Additionally, the ultrawide lens has gone through an overhaul and now supports 4K resolutions in the cinematic video mode. The front-facing cam has also had its sensor refined and now has auto-focus capabilities.