A Detailed Review of The Google Pixel Watch and The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Google Pixel Watch - Amazon.com
Google Pixel Watch - Amazon.com /
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Are you debating between the Google Pixel Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5? This detailed review will help you decide!

It’s a good matchup, as both watches run Wear OS, have a round display and work with most Android phones. We’ve broken down the differences between the two, including the screens, health sensors, battery life, and more.

Google Pixel Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: Choosing the Right Price and Size

The Galaxy Watch 5 starts at 279 US dollars for the 40mm version, or 309 US dollars for the larger 44mm version. The Pixel Watch is only in one 41mm size, and retails at 349 US dollars. However, if you spend a bit extra, you can get an LTE or cellular option for both, allowing you to use the watch away from your phone, and still be able to get calls and messages.

The link to purchase a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 from Amazon can be found here

Google Pixel Watch 5 vs the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 – Which is More Comfortable?

The Pixel Watch has curved edges and a sleek wristwatch look, complete with a crown and side button. The Galaxy Watch 5 has a flat screen and two side buttons. The comfort of either watch ultimately depends on your personal style, as well as the size of your wrist. The Pixel Watch is more comfortable and elegant for me, as I have a smaller wrist (152mm). However, the Galaxy Watch 5 has one trick up its sleeve – a touch bezel, which lets you scroll through menu options and navigate with a simple move of your finger. The Pixel Watch’s crown is just as usable, and is less fussy.

Samsung Galaxy 5 Watch – Amazon.com
Samsung Galaxy 5 Watch – Amazon.com /

Google Pixel Watch 5 vs the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: Water Resistance and Watch Bands

Both watches are water resistant and will track swimming, but the Samsung watch is the only one of the two that is officially rated IP68, meaning it is dust and water resistant. The Pixel watch has a button on the side which lets you detach the strap, but the process can be a little fiddly. With the Galaxy watch, you have traditional spring bars, though this can also be a bit tricky, but the advantage being that you have broader watch band compatibility.

Google Pixel Watch – Amazon.com
Google Pixel Watch – Amazon.com /

Google Pixel Watch 5 vs the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: Features and How They Stack Up

Both watches have all the basic features, including tracking your steps and calories, as well as sleep and a variety of workout types. Where they differ is in health tracking, with the Pixel Watch relying heavily on Fitbit and Samsung watch primarily using Samsung Health. With the Galaxy watch, you get additional features such as a bio impedance sensor, blood oxygen sensor, and temperature sensor (which isn’t active yet). The Galaxy watch also has an ECG app that’s compatible with Samsung phones, while the Pixel Watch has an ECG that works with any Android phone, as well as blood oxygen tracking. The Pixel Watch has the edge when it comes to fitness, as it offers an in-depth Readiness score and more detailed sleep tracking data with the help of the Fitbit Premium subscription. The Galaxy watch does not need a subscription to unlock any additional data, however the existing data is fairly limited.

Google Pixel Watch 5 vs the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: Battery Life and Fast Charging

The always-on display will affect the battery life of both watches, but with similar usage patterns and one hour GPS workout, expect around 21 hours of life with the Galaxy watch 5 (or 20 hours with the Pixel Watch). With always-on disabled and lighter usage, the Galaxy watch can survive for around 24 hours, while the Pixel Watch offers up to 26 hours. The Galaxy Watch 5 can be charged up to 45% in under 30 minutes and fully charged in an hour and a half. The Pixel Watch takes a little bit longer – 34 minutes to reach 45%, and a full charge takes the same amount of time as the Galaxy watch 5.

The link to purchase the Google Pixel Watch from Amazon can be found here

Google Pixel Watch vs the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: More Features and Final Thoughts

Both watches come with a microphone, speaker and music storage, as well as mobile payment options (Google Wallet or Samsung Pay). You can access Google assistant with both, although it’s slightly smoother on the Pixel Watch. Text input is a bit easier on the Galaxy watch 5 due to the larger screen, and the accuracy of its swipe-to-text feature is fairly impressive.

So, which watch should you choose? It ultimately comes down to price, size and your use case. The Pixel watch looks better, has better heart rate tracking, GPS accuracy and more refined data analysis, but the battery life isn’t as strong as it should be for the price. The Galaxy watch does not have any game-changing features, but it does come in multiple sizes and has sensors the Pixel Watch lacks. Ultimately, it’s a tough decision and the best watch for you ultimately depends on your own needs.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 – Amazon.com
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 – Amazon.com /

FAQ regarding the Google Pixel Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

  1. Can you make calls with your Google Pixel Watch? (According to store.google.com), Yes, with the 4G LTE option, you can make and receive calls without your phone. And with the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi option, you can do the same with your phone nearby.
  2. Is the Google Pixel Watch waterproof? (According to store.google.com), The Google Pixel Watch is water resistant and has scratch-resistant custom 3D Corning® Gorilla® Glass designed to withstand the pressure of up to 50 meters (5 ATM) of water.
  3. Do you need a physical sim card for your Samsung Galaxy Watch 5? (According to co.uk),
    No, you don’t need to insert an eSIM in your watch – it’s not a physical SIM and it will be automatically downloaded to your watch during the pairing process.