Something from Tiffany’s age rating: Is the movie suitable for kids?

Something from Tiffany's -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Something from Tiffany's -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

Something from Tiffany’s is the Christmas movie of the week. Is this one to watch with the kids around, or should you wait for them to go to bed?

It’s that time of year when streamers bring out their holiday movies. It’s all about love and romance in Something from Tiffany‘s, but not the way you would initially think. Rachel and Ethan are in other relationships, but will they end up together by the end?

Rachel is with Gary. While they’re having some fun, they’re not ready for commitment. Ethan and Vanessa are ready for commitment. What happens when Ethan and Gary’s presents from Tiffany’s are mixed up? When Ethan gets Gary’s earrings for Rachel, he needs to hunt down his engagement ring for Vanessa.

Of course, this leads to Ethan and Rachel meeting. Sparks fly immediately, and they’ll need to figure out if they’re with the right people.

Something from Tiffany’s age rating

The movie drops on Friday, Dec. 9. This is a global original, though. That means it’s going to drop on Thursday, Dec. 8 in the evening in North America. The exact time isn’t always guaranteed, but it’s often around 7 p.m. ET.

So, it’s likely to be out while the kids are still awake. Is this a movie for you to watch with them around? There is some good news. The official Something from Tiffany‘s age rating is PG.

This means it’s suitable for children. Really, it’s up to you as a parent. You may want to watch first, but the movie doesn’t have a lot of foul language, nudity, or violence. That sounds about right for a Christmas movie. It might just be a little boring for the younger kids who want to watch superheroes protect the world.

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Something from Tiffany’s is on Prime Video on Friday, Dec. 9.