Is Violent Night on Amazon?

Violent Night starring David Harbour in theaters only December 2, Universal Pictures
Violent Night starring David Harbour in theaters only December 2, Universal Pictures /

Violent Night is currently in theaters, but you’ll want to watch this Christmas movie at home. Is the Universal Pictures movie on Amazon?

If you’re in the mood for a non-traditional Christmas movie, you’ll want to head to theaters right now. David Harbour plays Santa Claus as you’ve never seen him before. When elite mercenaries take people hostage, Santa is not going to stand for it.

While it is out in theaters right now, it will head to streaming at some point. There will also be other ways to watch the movie online. The question is where it’s going to go after the theatrical run. Will you be able to watch Violent Night on Amazon in any way?

Is Violent Night on Prime Video?

We start off with some bad news. Violent Night is not going to come to Prime Video. At least, not right away.

Universal Pictures movies are currently heading to Peacock first. This will happen 45 days after the theatrical release. This isn’t a permanent streaming home, though. It’s not a Peacock Original Movie. That means there are plenty of chances that it will head to Prime Video in the future.

Is Violent Night on Amazon Video?

What about when it comes to the Digital release? This is a movie that will head to Digital, and we could see it in a month. Where will you be able to buy it?

Amazon Instant Video is one of those places. You’ll be able to pay for the movie once and watch it as often as you want. It is added to your Amazon Library and it will be available there for as long as you have your Amazon account.

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Violent Night is currently available to watch in theaters.