Riches age rating: Is the series suitable for kids?

Riches -- Courtesy of Amazon
Riches -- Courtesy of Amazon /

Riches is available to stream on Prime Video tomorrow. Is this one to wait for the kids to go to bed to watch? What is the age rating for the series?

The time has come for another Cinderella-style story. Riches brings us a story of a woman who learns her estranged father has died. She’s ready to collect what she deserves after he up and left her for his new family.

Of course, the family isn’t all that happy about that. They don’t want their half-sister/step-daughter in the picture. Her father disowned her, and that’s how they think it should stay. Talk about evil step-sisters and step-mother.

You’ll want to watch the series as soon as it drops. Is this one ot wait for the kids to go to bed to watch, though?

Riches age rating

There isn’t an official age rating at the time of writing this. The series hasn’t been released on Prime Video yet, and the age rating will follow the release.

However, we’re looking at it being a TV-MA, which will mean it’s not suitable for children. You’ll want to wait for them to go to bed to at least watch the first episode. From there, you can make a judgment call for the rest of the series.

Why would we expect such a high rating? The content just seems to lean that way. It’s a streaming show, so we’re expecting to see some foul language and sexual scenes. We may even see some violence considering the topic of the show. These women are not going to hold back, and that means the show isn’t, either.

Once you’ve seen the first episode, you’ll get an idea of what to expect. It’s up to you when it comes to your own children. You know what they can deal with and what you’re happy with them seeing.

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Riches is on Prime Video tonight.