Hunters Season 2 is not coming to Prime Video in 2022

Hunters -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Hunters -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

We’ve waited since February 2020 for Hunters Season 2. We had hoped the show would arrive this year, but that’s not happening.

Amazon has been quiet about from of its most controversial shows, Hunters. We heard a little bit of casting news and found out when it was moving to Europe for filming, but that’s been it. We’ve had to look for any sort of clue that the show is coming close to releasing its second season.

With how quiet everyone has been, it’s been impossible. That is until Amazon finally confirmed a release date. It also confirmed that Hunters Season 2 is the last, which when you look at how little we’ve heard about the show, that’s not all too surprising.

The series is not bringing out its second season in 2022. When will we get new episodes?

When is Hunters Season 2 coming to Prime Video?

How long will we need to wait in 2023? There isn’t going to be that long. Amazon has confirmed that this series is one of the first back in the new year.

Hunters Season 2 begins on Friday, Jan. 13. It’s not entirely clear right now whether the series is going to be a binge-watch or a weekly release. The way the wording was “begins” in the Deadline article suggests that it will be released weekly, but this wasn’t started clearly the way Carnival Row‘s premiere announcement stated.

There are going to be eight episodes in the new season. They will see the disbanded group of hunters come back together to hunt down Adolf Hitler. We know Hitler is still alive and is in Argentina. Joe is his captive right now, and it’s going to be up to the group of hunters to get Joe back and take down the Nazi leader. However, is Hitler really the one in charge this time?

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Hunters is available to stream on Prime Video.