Is The Santa Clauses on Amazon?

The Santa Clauses on Disney+ Nov. 16.
The Santa Clauses on Disney+ Nov. 16. /

Tim Allen is back as Santa in The Santa Clauses. Will you be able to stream the new series on Amazon? Where is the latest movie in the franchise online?

The time has come to get back into the world of The Santa Clause franchise. Tim Allen and Elizabeth Mitchell are back, and they look a lot older than the last time we saw them. In fact, we’re looking at Santa retiring.

He’s 65 and realizes that he can’t be Santa forever. He has to pass the mantel onto someone else, but under different circumstances to the way that he ended up landing the iconic, mythical-thought role. That’s what this movie is going to be about, and there’s no doubt you’ll want to jump straight in.

Is The Santa Clauses on Prime Video?

While the series is coming straight to streaming, there is some bad news. It is not available to stream on Prime Video.

You’ll need to head over to Disney+ to be able to watch the movie. The good news is that this is where you can watch all of the Santa Clause movies.

Is The Santa Clauses on Amazon Video?

While it’s not on Prime Video, is there another way to watch on Amazon? What about on Amazon Instant Video? This is where all the Digital releases head so you can buy the movie and watch as often as you want without a streaming platform.

We’re not expecting to see the series head to Digital. At least, not just yet. Disney+ Original shows haven’t gone to DVD or Digital yet. This includes the big releases like WandaVision and Loki. It’s not surprising, though. It doesn’t make sense for streamers to release content in a way that allows people to pay once and watch whenever they want.

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The Santa Clause is now available to stream on Disney+.