Is The Crown Season 5 on Amazon?

The Crown season 5
The Crown season 5 /

The Crown Season 5 takes us into the ’90s with Charles and Diana’s divorce. Where can you stream the 10 episodes online? Are they on Amazon?

It’s time to see Charles and Diana’s divorce play out. We also get to meet some major players in Diana’s life post-divorce, and we get to find out what happened to Edward VIII and his wife.

This season takes place in the ’90s. It covers some major events, including the Queen helping to locate the bodies of her fallen Russian family members from 1918 and the fire at Buckingham Palace. Now you’ll want to see the series in full, but where are the new episodes streaming?

Is The Crown Season 5 on Prime Video?

Can you watch the episodes for free with your Prime membership? We have some bad news. This is not a series that goes to Prime Video.

The Crown is a Netflix series. It only heads to that streaming platform, and we’re probably not going to see the two streaming giants share their content. Something major will need to happen for that.

Is The Crown Season 5 on Amazon Video?

What about a Digital release? This makes it possible to buy the episodes on Amazon Instant Video. All episodes are added to your Amazon Library, and there’s no need to bother with streaming subscriptions.

Usually, Netflix tends to keep its content exclusive to the platform. What about The Crown? Well, we don’t see the series head to Digital, which suggests that we won’t see the new season arrive on Amazon Video. There is the potential of a DVD release, though.

All four seasons have been released on DVD in the past. It usually takes around a year after the release of the season on Netflix, so we’re looking at around November 2023 for The Crown Season 5 to come to DVD.

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The Crown Season 5 is currently only on Netflix.