What is Mammals about?

Mammals -- Courtesy of Amazon
Mammals -- Courtesy of Amazon /

James Corden stars as a Michelin-star chef in Mammals Season 1 on Prime Video. What is the new series about? Here’s all you need to know.

There are a couple of new shows heading to Prime Video at the end of the week. One of them is Mammals, starring James Corden.

Before you start binge-watching a show, you need to know what it is about. You need to be ready for some of the storylines to come. What is Mammals on Prime Video about?

Mammals series synopsis

The six-part series starts of with what’s supposed to be a romantic getaway. Corden is Jamie, a Michelin-star chef who finds out a secret about his pregnant wife, Amandine. Now he needs to get to the bottom of those secrets, and we enter a world of exploring modern relationships.

Jamie turns to his brother-in-law, Jeff. They both gon on a hunt, but it only ends up leading to Jeff’s marriage to Lue, Jamie’s sister, taking a turn for the worse. Jeff tries to get through to his wife, but it just leads to Lue going deeper into a secret fantasy world.

Meanwhile, Armandine turns to the violin for some peace. She ends up finding solace from an unlikely source. It’s time to delve into the real complexities of marriage, something that a lot of TV shows will strive to keep away from to bring some sort of happiness in the difficulties and tribulations.

This is a comedy, though. Don’t expect things to remain series for too long.

James Corden is one of the executive producers on the series, along with Jez Butterworth and James Richardson. All six episodes of the series will drop on the streaming platform at the same time.

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Mammals is on Prime Video on Friday, Nov. 11.