Is Prey for the Devil on Amazon?

Prey for the Devil - Courtesy Lionsgate
Prey for the Devil - Courtesy Lionsgate /

Prey for the Devil is currently out in theaters, but it will head to streaming eventually. Will the horror movie stream on Prime Video? Will you be able to watch on Amazon in any way?

If you’re in the mood for horror, you’ll want to head to theaters right now. Prey for the Devil takes place in a world where priests are taught exorcisms in a school. There’s a high number of demon possessions all of a sudden, so priests need to learn exorcisms quickly.

This is usually something only for the men. However, Sister Anne shows that she has some potential in exorcisms, and a priest agrees to teach her even though it’s against the rules. When Sister Anne comes across a young girl possessed, she ends up with a connection to her past.

Is Prey for the Devil on Prime Video?

Will you be able to watch the horror movie on Prime Video? There is some bad news. It won’t be available for free with your Prime membership. Amazon is not the one with the license for Lionsgate movies.

STARZ has this right. The good news is that STARZ is one of the Amazon Channels available. It will be possible to add STARZ to your Prime Video account for a small extra fee, so you can watch it through the same platform.

Is Prey for the Devil on Amazon Video?

There are other ways to watch on Amazon. You could always buy the movie on Digital, and then you’ll get it via Amazon Instant Video. Is Prey for the Devil going to come to Digital?

As a Lionsgate movie, we’re certainly expecting it to head to Digital at some point in the future. In fact, we’re probably only waiting until the start of 2023. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on the release for you.

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Prey for the Devil is currently available to watch in theaters.