Run Sweetheart Run age rating: Is the movie suitable for kids?

Run Sweetheart Run -- Courtesy of Amazon
Run Sweetheart Run -- Courtesy of Amazon /

Run Sweetheart Run is the thriller to watch this weekend. Is it something for the kids? What is the Run Sweetheart Run age rating?

If you’re looking for a thriller for the weekend, Prime Video has you covered. Run Sweetheart Run is the release of the weekend, although you may feel like you remember this release from a couple of years ago.

The trailer was released, but then the movie was pushed back. This was partly due to the pandemic, as it was originally scheduled to come out in 2020. In fact, it did come out at the Sundance Film Festival, but it’s taken until now to finally make it to Prime Video.

With the excellent cast and the intriguing story, you’ll want to watch it right away. Is this something to watch with the kids around, or do you need to wait for them to go to bed?

Run Sweetheart Run age rating

This is a movie to watch on your own—or with other adults—first. The official Run Sweetheart Run age rating is R, which means it is not suitable for those under 18. The trailer is going to give you a good idea as to why that is.

There is some severe gore and violence in this. That shouldn’t be surprising with the team behind it and the synopsis of it. This is from the creators of The Purge and The Invisible Man. Both of those movies are packed with violence and gore, so it’s not surprising to hear that Run Sweetheart Run is, too.

This is a movie about a woman escaping a sadistic torturer. He plays a game with women. If Cherie can make it through the night, she gets to go home and live her life. Survival isn’t going to be easy, though.

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Run Sweetheart Run is on Prime Video on Friday, Oct. 28.