The Peripheral series premiere is on Prime Video tonight

The Peripheral -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios
The Peripheral -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

Are you in the mood for a little more sci-fi? Amazon has a treat for us with The Peripheral series premiere on Prime Video tonight.

The time has come to see the new sci-fi series on Amazon. The very first episode of The Peripheral is on Prime Video tonight.

This is a global original, which means the official release time is midnight UK time on Friday, Oct. 21. This is great news for those of us in North America. There’s a chance that the release will be as early as 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT on Thursday, Oct. 20. We usually see the release around 9 p.m. ET, though.

If the release isn’t early, it will be available by midnight ET on Friday. This usually means a 9 p.m. PT release on Thursday (tonight).

What is The Peripheral about?

Chloë Grace Moretz stars as Flynne Fisher. When her brother is offered a job in the virtual world, Flynne takes it on. While she’s doing her work, she witnesses a murder. Suddenly, it seems like this virtual is anything but.

What if the world is the future, instead? What if Flynne has witnessed something that happens in the future? Can she get in touch with someone who will be able to catch the killer? Will she be able to keep herself and her brother safe in the process of getting to the truth?

The first episode of the series is on Prime Video tonight. This is a series that’s got a weekly release format. It’s going to be worth the wait for each episode, but it is disappointing for those who like to binge-watch.

There is reportedly a second season already in development. Amazon has not officially renewed the series yet, though.

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The Peripheral is available to stream on Prime Video.