Will The Peripheral release weekly or is it a binge-watch?

The Peripheral -- Courtesy of Amazon
The Peripheral -- Courtesy of Amazon /

The Peripheral is the new Amazon series dropping at the end of the week. Will all episodes of the series be available as a binge-watch?

If you’re ready for another sci-fi series, you’re in a lot of luck. The Peripheral, based on the novel of the same name by William Gibson, drops at the end of the week. It’s an Amazon Original Series, and one that you will want to make time for.

Amazon hasn’t been consistent with the way it releases content. Just what can we expect from the release schedule for this series? Is it going to be something we can binge-watch, or will we need to wait weekly?

The Peripheral release schedule

There is some bad news for those who like to binge-watch immediately. The Peripheral is coming out weekly. This isn’t even a hybrid release like we have been used to with The Lord of the Rings and The Wheel of Time. We’re getting a strict weekly release.

Only the first episode will drop on Friday, Oct. 21. Each episode is coming out once per week until the finale on Friday, Dec. 9.

For those who binge-watch, this is when you’ll be able to watch all episodes in one go. It’s going to be worth watching weekly though. There is a lot going on in the series to break down.

With what we’re seeing recently, the weekly release is likely a good thing. Shows that are binge-watchable have been canceled more times than they’ve been renewed recently. Just look at The Wilds and Night Sky. Yet, while it took some time, Outer Range—which was released two episodes per week—was renewed. Weekly releases stay on the minds of viewers for longer.

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The Peripheral Episode 1 will drop on Friday, Oct. 21 on Prime Video. The rest of the series is coming out weekly.