Is Halloween Ends on Amazon?

Halloween Ends - Courtesy Universal Pictures
Halloween Ends - Courtesy Universal Pictures /

Halloween Ends is the follow-up to Halloween Kills from last year. Where can you stream the new movie online? Is it coming to Amazon?

Wondering how the Halloween franchise could come to an end? Wondering if this is even going to be the end? You’ll want to check out Halloween Ends.

There is some great news. The movie is now available to stream. You don’t even have to head to theaters. It’s available to stream online already, so you can watch it from home. Now you just need to know which streaming platform you need. Is there a way to watch the latest Michael Myers movie on Amazon?

Is Halloween Ends on Prime Video?

We start with a little bit of bad news. It’s not possible to watch the Universal Pictures movie on Prime Video. This is not the place to stream it from home just yet.

The movie is on Peacock. It is already available to watch, so you’ll want to grab the popcorn right now. It’s just in time for Halloween.

Is Halloween Ends on Amazon Video?

What about the other way to watch on Amazon? Can you buy the movie on Digital? This would be the way to get the release on Amazon Instant Video.

There is some good and bad news. Halloween Ends will be available on Digital, and you will be able to get it on Amazon Video. The bad news is that you won’t be able to buy it just yet. The release is likely to happen in a couple of months or so, especially with it being on Peacock right now.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on the release plans for the latest movie in the franchise.

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Halloween Ends is currently in theaters and on Peacock.