The Peripheral and more streaming on Prime Video this week

The Peripheral -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios
The Peripheral -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

The Peripheral is just one of the new releases coming to Prime Video this week. Take a look at the full list of arrivals.

Things were on the quiet side last week when it came to content streaming on Prime Video. The biggest release was the epic season finale for The Lord of the Rings. Now the wait begins for the second season, and it is going to be a long one.

The good news is there’s plenty coming to Prime Video this week. Between Oct. 17 and Oct. 23, there are seven releases happening. Some of them are Amazon Originals, but there are also some great third-party shows and movies to look forward to.

The Peripheral, Modern Love Tokyo, and more

We start with some of the Amazon Originals, with the biggest release as The Peripheral. The first episode of the series drops on Friday, Oct. 21, and stars Chloë Grace Moretz, Gary Carr, and Jack Reynor. It’s based on the novel of the same name by William Gibson, and follows a woman who goes into the virtual world for money. While there, she realizes that the virtual world may not be so virtual. It could be a key to the future, and she needs to make changes to the world to prevent the dystopian world becoming a reality.

If you’re into love stories, Modern Love was likely a firm favorite. While we still don’t know anything about a third season happening, Modern Love Tokyo is dropping on Friday. It follows the same format as the American series, but this one is all about different love stories in Japan.

Another Amazon Original to look out for is Hush Hush. The series follows five women who find themselves connected through unexpected ways when an unforeseen event happens. They wouldn’t usually get along, but what happens when they’re forced to?

If you’re into horror, you’ll be excited to hear that American Horror Story Season 10 is coming to Prime Video this week. It’s just in time for Season 11 to begin on FX. The 10th season told two separate stories, one involving vampires-like creatures and one involving aliens.

Everything coming to Prime Video this week

October 19


May I Help You (2022)

October 20


American Horror Story S10 (2021)


Torn Hearts (2022)

October 21


*Modern Love Tokyo (2022)
*The Peripheral (2022)


*Argentina, 1985 (2022)

October 22


*Hush Hush (2022)

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