When is Halloween Ends on DVD and Blu-ray?

Halloween Ends - Courtesy Universal Pictures
Halloween Ends - Courtesy Universal Pictures /

Halloween Ends brings us a potential end to the Michael Myers story. When will the movie come to DVD and Blu-ray so you can watch at home?

Michael Myers is on the loose again, and he’s going after Laurie once more. Jamie Lee Curtis is back as Laurie, and this time, it’s potentially for good. She won’t let him hurt another soul.

This movie picks up four years on from Halloween Kills. Laurie is trying to live her life with her granddaughter while she finishes her memoir. However, Michael isn’t finished playing games with her just yet. He hasn’t been seen for some time, though, and it’s supposed to be over.

Then a young man is accused of murdering a young boy he was babysitting. Was it the man, or was it Michael Myers?

Halloween Ends DVD release date predictions

There isn’t a DVD release date just yet. That’s not surprising. This is a movie that’s only just come to theaters. We’re going to look at Halloween Kills to get an idea of the release date for this movie. While that one was released at the end of 2021, things with theaters and DVD releases were starting to get back to normal, so we think it’s a good idea of when the latest movie in the franchise will come out.

Halloween Kills took about three months to go from theaters to DVDD. We’re looking at something similar for Halloween Ends, which means we’re looking at around Tuesday, Jan. 10.

What about on Digital? This is a great way to own at home and be able to watch on the go. It took about two months for that release with Kills, so we’re looking at around the same time for Ends, which takes us to around Tuesday, Dec. 13.

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Halloween Ends is currently available to watch in theaters.