Hunters Season 2 is not coming in October 2022

Hunters -- Photo Credit: Christopher Saunders / Amazon Studios
Hunters -- Photo Credit: Christopher Saunders / Amazon Studios /

We’re still looking for any signs that Hunters Season 2 is on the way. When will the new episodes drop on Prime Video? Here’s what we know so far.

We are ready to see what’s to come in Hunters Season 2. The last we saw, the group had disbanded, but the fight against the Nazis wasn’t over. Joe found that out the hard way.

Joe was abducted at the end of the first season. When he came to, he realized that he was surrounded by Nazis, and not just any Nazis. He came face-to-face with Hitler, and it turned out that the main player throughout the first season was Eva Braun. The two didn’t kill themselves after all. Instead, they headed out to Argentina.

Now we’re ready to see what’s to come next. How will the group find out what happened to their friend? Will they be able to get to Argentina to save him? The bad news is we don’t get to find out just yet.

When will Hunters Season 2 coming to Prime Video

All we know right now is that the series will not drop its second season in October. Like a few Amazon shows, we know nothing about where this show is in the filming process or when it could arrive on Prime Video.

There are some reports that say it is coming in February 2023. However, these reports are from nothing official. The big publications aren’t saying this date, so it’s one that we are currently taking with a pinch of salt.

Of course, with so little news and no confirmation that the show is coming in 2022, February certainly looks possible. One thing to note is with this long delay, we’re looking at the show ending with this second season.

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Hunters is available to stream on Prime Video.