When is Smile movie on DVD and Blu-ray?

SMILE - Courtesy Paramount Pictures
SMILE - Courtesy Paramount Pictures /

If you’re looking for a horror movie, you’ll want to head to theaters for Smile. When will the Smile movie come to DVD and Blu-ray?

We’re heading into scary season, which means there are a few horror movies heading to theaters. Paramount Pictures has brought us Smile, based on the short Laura Hasn’t Slept.

The psychological horror follows Dr. Rose Cotter. After a traumatic incident that involves a patient, she starts experiencing frightening occurrences. There’s no explanation why these occurrences keep happening, but it looks like they could be connected to her past. Now Rose needs to confront the past if she wants to survive the new reality.

While you’ll want to watch the movie in theaters, you’ll also want to own it at home. That means knowing how long it will take for Smile to come to DVD and Blu-ray.

Smile DVD release date predictions

With the movie only just out in theaters, there isn’t a release date for the DVD just yet. We can look at other Paramount Pictures movies to get an idea as to how long the release will take, though, and for this, we’re looking at Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Scream.

It took just less than three months for Scream to go from theaters to DVD. Sonic took a bit longer. The sequel was popular in theaters, so that’s not surprising, but it took a full four months for it to arrive on DVD and Blu-ray.

We’re probably looking at something similar to Scream for this latest movie. That means we’re looking at around Tuesday, Dec. 20. To help with Christmas sales, we could see it arrive a week earlier.

What about the Digital release? It took about six weeks for both movies to come to Digital, so we’re probably looking at the same for this one. That means around Tuesday, Nov. 8.

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Smile is currently out in theaters.