Jack Ryan Season 3 is not coming in October 2022

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan season 3 on Prime Video December 21, 2022.
Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan season 3 on Prime Video December 21, 2022. /

We’re waiting to see the return of Jack Ryan to see what’s to come next. Jack Ryan Season 3 isn’t coming in October, but there is now a release date.

For a long time, we just worked with the knowledge that Jack Ryan Season 3 would arrive sometime in the second half of 2022. Our eyes have been on the Amazon listings since July to see if it would come.

When we got the October listings, we were disappointed not to see the series on the list again. However, shortly after that, we got news of a release date. There isn’t long left to wait now.

When will Jack Ryan Season 3 come to Prime Video?

TVLine shared the exciting news about the release date. Jack Ryan Season 3 will come to Prime Video on Wednesday, Dec. 21.

This is still a fair way away. If you are disappointed, that’s not surprising. The date makes it a whole 28 months since we saw John Krasinski in action.

Usually, this wait would suggest danger for the series. At least Amazon has already renewed the show for a fourth season. That will be the last, but we know that there will be a conclusion to Jack’s story.

It’s not necessarily the end of the franchise. We’ll have to see if the planned spin-off is picked up to series.

But let’s focus on Jack Ryan Season 3. What can we expect this season? Jack is on the run. He’s been wrongly implicated in a larger conspiracy, and he’s going to need all the help that he can get. The problem is the CIA, who he would normally turn to, is after him. At the same time, an international rogue faction wants him, and Jack needs to go underground if he wants to survive and remain free.

All the while, he still has work to do. He needs to get to the bottom of the conspiracy to save the world.

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Jack Ryan Season 3 will drop on Prime Video on Wednesday, Dec. 21.